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Evolution of E-Cigarette [Infographic]

E cigarettes and vaping kits available today are more advanced than those initially introduced to public. E Cig kits not only offer a chemical free solution but also they provide a more enjoyable smoking experience. It all began in 1963 when a patent for smokeless cigarette was filed. Although the initial idea was great but nothing much happened after that. In year 2003-04, first e cigarette hit the market. Yes, it was marketed as the perfect alternative to traditional cigarette and later manufacturers started producing advanced vape kits and accessories. Today, you can easily find varieties of e cig kits, liquids and accessories online.

Below infographic, created by EZ Cloudz UK, highlights how e cig made it to top and became the perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Evolution of E-cigarette


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Daniel is working as a Content Marketing Manager at EZ Cloudz. He likes to write about best e cigarette starter kits and e cig accessories. He also provides helpful information about various e cig liquids to make your vaping experience memorable.

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