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How Does a Casino Bonus Work?

There are plenty of bonuses available online. But how does a casino bonus work? More importantly, what is a casino bonus? Well, to put it simply it’s an offer you can expect from a casino site. Naturally, all bonuses are optional which means you can take advantage of them or not. Also, there’s more than one casino bonus available online.

New promotions are available every day. There are various sites that keep track of them and make sure to list the best offers. For example, you can check out the CasinoEncylopedia bonuses if you’re on the lookout for some interesting offers. You can visit this site frequently as they update their list whenever new offers are available.

All bonuses come with various requirements. So what are they?

Bonus Requirements

You can think of them as conditions you need to fulfill so you can get the bonus. Naturally, they differ from bonus to bonus. Sometimes you’re limited to a set list of games you can use the bonus on. Other times you’ll be limited to the deposit method. For example, you’ll be able to make a deposit via credit cards and e-wallets. Deposits with Bitcoin will be prohibited.

However, the most common requirements you’ll run into are the wagering requirements. These go hand in hand with deposit bonuses. Usually, they come in the shape of welcome bonuses. A wagering requirement is the specific number of times you need to wager your money before you get the bonus. Sometimes you’ll need to wager the bonus money as well.

For example, you might come into a 50% deposit bonus. This means that you get 505 of your deposit amount. So if you deposit €/£/$20 you get an extra €/£/$10. The more you deposit the more you get out of it. After you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirements then you’ll be able to withdraw your money.

The Different Types of Bonuses

Similarly to the different kinds of requirements, you’ll run into different kinds of bonuses. The deposit ones are pretty common. As mentioned before they come with some wagering requirements. This means that you’ll need to go over them carefully and determine whether the bonus suits your needs.

The second type of bonus you’ll run into is the no deposit bonus. There are also known as the free bonuses and come in various shapes and sizes. Free spins are pretty popular ones. With these bonuses, you’ll get a set number of free spins. Sometimes they will be 30 while other times they will be 50 or more. They’ll come with wagering requirements as well.

Sometimes you’ll get free credits to play with. Other times you’ll get a certain cash amount. However, this all depends on the casino site you’re playing on. Nevertheless, the no deposit bonus is a head-turner because players don’t play with their own money.

The most difficult bonuses to get a hand of are the loyalty bonuses. If you’re loyal to a casino site for years then you can make it to the loyalty program. Depending on the casino these bonuses will be different. They include trips around the world as well as vacations in luxurious hotels all paid for by the casino. The rewards will vary from casino to casino.

Weekly and daily bonuses are also pretty popular. Reload or cashback bonuses are also available. In other words, you’ll find all kinds of bonuses available online. Once you go through them and find a suitable one, you’ll need to claim it. So, how do you claim a casino bonus?

Claiming a Bonus

To claim a bonus is a pretty easy task. However, there are some things you need to work out before that. Picking the right casino site is one of them. Make sure it has the right kinds of bonuses and a good selection of games. More importantly, it needs to feature the kinds of games you like to play.

Going over casino reviews and forums will give you a better idea of what you can expect. The players speak openly about the good and bad sides of each casino. Make sure to check some out before picking a casino site to play on.

Now you need to go over the different bonus offers. Once you have a potential bonus you need to go over the requirements. That way you’ll know whether your preferred payment method is accepted as a deposit and withdrawal method. After that, you’ll check to see if you’re limited to certain games.

Naturally, you’ll go over the wagering requirements. If they’re good then you can go ahead and claim the bonus. Deposit the money, if it’s a deposit bonus, and enjoy the game or games you usually enjoy. Once you’ve fulfilled the requirements you can enjoy your well-earned money. On the other hand, you can try another bonus to get your money back.


You’ll find lots of online casino sites with a plethora of offers available. All you need to do is find the ones that suit you best. Now that you know the different types of bonuses that you’ll run into you’ll have an easier time determining the ones that suit you best.

Sticking to a casino site is worth it because of the loyalty bonuses. But sometimes other casino sites will have better offers. Keeping an eye out for such offers will give you a significant advantage.

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