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Is it the Right Time to Buy an Electric Scooter?

Whether you like it or not, the electric scooter is currently taking over the U.S. and even countries abroad. The birth of the electric scooter trend was something nobody was ready for but welcomed with open arms. It is a trend that has left its mark on the world, particularly because it serves as an easy, more affordable, and most importantly, environmental-friendly means of transportation.

Given that nations all around the world are trying to decrease their carbon footprint, especially because of an increase in climate change, which has shaken countries everywhere, everyone is welcoming to the idea of the E-scooter trend.

Why should you buy an Electric Scooter?

Well, there are many reasons why you should buy an escooter, one of which is that it comes in handy to those who would like to get around town, specifically around metropolitan cities.

If you’re living in a metropolitan city, then you know how bad track is or can get. We’re not even going to mention peak hour traffic before work hours and after, which is exactly why the foldable electric scooter comes in handy to those that are looking to get around and to their daily destinations, fast.

The Appeal of Electric Scooters

Apart from looking like its completely cool to ride one, let’s get real with the details of why owning one could benefit your life.

Even though it’s considered one of the hottest means of transportation, allowing you to get around independently without any hassle whatsoever, there are tons of benefits that add to this safe and convenient way to get around.

All the Reasons Why it’s the Right Time for you to Buy a Foldable Electric Scooter

  • You’re on a budget and would like to save as much money possible

When people hear that to buy electric scooter you need to spend around $500 to $1000, they immediately think to themselves, “I’m spending money. How is buying the E-scooter possibly saving me money?”

However, considering the cost of public transportation or even owning your own car, the price of an electric scooter doesn’t nearly match that of what you’d be spending either using public transport twice or more a day or owning a car. With owning a car, comes plenty of other expenses, including fuel, insurance, maintenance, repairs, and if you haven’t paid off your car yet, a massive premium each month.

That is why electric scooters are perfect for those that would like to get from point A to point B, without breaking the bank. Besides, once you’ve purchased your E-scooter, there are no other expenses involved whatsoever, which is just more reason to purchase one for yourself.

  • Time is money, and you’d like more of it

What a cliché.

“Time is money.”

It’s something everyone is aware of, and how you spend your time could either add to your bank account or bring value to your life. Wealth can be measured in various ways, and since we only have a limited amount thereof, you best spend it wisely.

So, if sitting in traffic for hours a day, twice a day, drives you insane or you’d just like to get more out of your day, then it’s about time you purchase an electric scooter.

It will add a lot of value to your day and will help you remain mindful about the day too because when you’re in a car or taking public transport, it can truly be a hassle getting around a city. When you’re riding an E-scooter however, you can conveniently get around fast without having to waste any time at all.

  • Environmental-friendly has become a major trend

Even though the rise of the E-scooter is considered a trend, there are countless good reasons why buying one for yourself, instead of using other environmentally damaging means of transport, is a good idea.

Thinking about all the natural disasters and epidemics that are taking place in the world, including disruptive weather patterns, excessive heat waves, and increasing temperatures in ice-based countries, climate change speaks loud and has never been as clear as it is now.

Over the years, it may have seemed a lot easier ignoring factors and signs regarding pollution, which adds to climate change. Today, it cannot be ignored anymore, as natural disasters are on the incline, the ice caps are melting, animals and coral reefs are dying, and fossil fuels are just increasing.

Choosing to buy and ride electric scooters, will help you help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Who knows, it may even inspire others to do the same, to help sustain the earth.

  • Who says no to convenience?

The last time we checked, nobody.

Owning your own electric scooter offers convenience at its best. It’s the perfect addition to anyone’s daily life and will help you get from point A to B fast, as it allows you to skip traffic. Foldable electric scooters, like the Zoom Electric Scooter, will also help you get wherever you want to go without having to find parking or worry about locking up your E-scooter.

You will conveniently be able to fold up your electric scooter in a matter of seconds, and since it only weighs 10 KGs, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Skipping traffic and parking, will save you plenty of time, help you stay active by riding the electric scooter, and has also proven to add to your health, particularly because it will help you get outside daily, breath in fresh air and ride your E-scooter to get around town.

Taking all factors into consideration, there’s a reason why the electric scooter has broken out and sparked a trend in major markets around the world. Owning an E-scooter adds an element of convenience that every millennial and generation X needs. What’s more, is the fact that its fun to own one and ride either solo or with your friends. It’s a trend that is thought to remain, just because everyone needs it.

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