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How Electric Unicycles, Scooters & E-Bikes are Taking Over

It’s quite amazing how technology has changed our lives so much over the past few years. Rapid developments in computer technology and electronics have brought to the masses affordable and useful gadgets, and also revolutionized more mainstream products.

Take the electric car, for example: battery technology means you can now buy an electric car that will take you for many miles on one full charge, whereas just a few years ago it would have needed recharging every few miles. Improved battery technology is also behind another revolution, that of the way people are choosing to get around in towns and cities.

Do you still walk from the bus or train to work? If so, you’re behind the times! The future lies in portable electric unicycles, scooters and E-Bikes, and you will certainly have seen one of these devices as someone glides past you effortlessly, while you struggle in the heat to walk to where you need to be! Why are they so popular? Let’s have a closer look at them. For the latest reviews and guides on the best scooters and unicycles, just visit Scooter Adviser. You can ensure to get all the important details that you need to know, from voltage, power, to speed, distance, and the smoothness of the ride.

Which is the Best?

We mentioned three forms of personal electric transport: the unicycle, the scooter and the E-bike. The latter is a bicycle that has an electric motor to power it. These are very impressive machines that can reach quite high speeds and offer decent enough range for commuters. The only problem with these is that most of them will take up a lot of room on a bus or train. They are great for getting you from home to work, if in range, or to the shops and back, but for use in the city you may be better off with one of the other devices.

The scooter is favored by the younger generation; an electric scooter is great fun, after all, which is why a lot of kids use them. There are many that are designed specially for the commuter, and they come with foldable handles and such so they don’t take up much room. You may not get as much range out of one of these as you will a bike, but it is more portable.

However, perhaps the most impressive, portable and practical of all is the electric unicycle. This is not a unicycle as in those you once saw at the circus – the high seat version – but in effect, it is a scooter but with just one larger wheel. These are among the most efficient of all the personal electric transport vehicles available now, and there are many different models like the kingsong 16X with some very impressive specifications to choose from.

Great Performance

If you have a look at you’ll get a good idea of the choice of electric unicycles, as well as the price range and performance of each. Depending on the model, you may get as much as 40 miles range out of one of the better models, and sometimes be able to travel as fast as 30mph! You wouldn’t want to do that among the morning commuter crowd, however, but you will still nip around a lot faster than on foot!

The clever design of these devices means that they are usually self-balancing – you won’t fall off – and also easy to control. You can charge the batteries quickly, so you’re ready to go at all times of the day, and many models come with a carry handle, some have lights and you can even buy one with Bluetooth speakers.

The future is electric, and we reckon it’s also single-wheeled, so why not check out electric unicycles now, and see how you can have fun and make your commute easier, too!

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