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Advantages of Responsive Web Design

A website with the right design can make the difference when it comes to attracting new customers to your business. Whether the website is to help you make a sale or to provide your information, you need to make it easy to use and navigate.

The best web design firms have some amazing tricks up their sleeves that will help you to get the website that you need. But when you are ready to take care of your website, you need to make sure that the web design is responsive. Some of the advantages of having a responsive web design includes:

1. Better User Experience

When your website is responsive, it can make the experience for your user so much better. One of the major factors that will indicate the user has a good experience is how much time they spend looking at the site.

If the user gets on the website and then jumps right off, it is likely they did not like it or you were not the right place for them. The user will also avoid staying on your website if they find it is hard to navigate the website too.

If your website is able to scale well and will respond to the changes in screen size, then it is easy for the user to work with. This provides them with the best user experience and they will spend more time on your website.

With an improved user experience and site usability, you will have a happy customer. This can lead to more word-of-mouth referrals and then more new customers to the business.

2. More Mobile Traffic

Mobile clients do not want to spend a lot of time waiting for the website to load up and be responsive on their mobile devices. When mobile visitors are not able to access the website because it is too slow, they will quickly leave and choose to work with someone else.

Statistics show that almost 62% of all global web traffic came from mobile devices. This is a lot of business that is walking out the door just because your web design is not responsive.

3. Faster Website Development

It used to be a common practice to make a separate mobile version of your website that could work on a smaller screen when it was detected. This means that you need to go through and make two different versions of the website.

This takes a lot of time, especially since it takes more time than developing a responsive website that works well and looks great. It is always a better idea to create a responsive website that works well on mobile devices and on computers.

This will make all of your customers happy and can save a lot of money. When you work with a developer, it is easier to create one responsive website than two, which will save your business a lot of money too.

4. Easier Maintenance

This one is tied directly to the point above. With two versions of the website, all of the staff or development team had to divide up their time and their resources in order to manage the two separate websites.

This is a lot of maintenance that is difficult and tedious. And it is going to cost you a lot of money overall too. And when the website is responsive, there is even less time that the staff has to spend on these tasks.

Think of all the things your team can spend their time on when the website is up and running, rather than trying to maintain everything. They could do other tasks to help promote your website including A/B testing, marketing, product development, customer service, and more. And these can help your business grow even further.

5. Prevent Duplicate Content Penalty

Another thing to remember when it comes to a responsive website is that it can help you avoid penalties. With two websites, the mobile-friendly option and the one for your other users, you are basically creating duplicate content.

Smart engines work to get smarter each day, but they still need help understanding which version of the website is more important. If you use a mobile version of the site and a traditional version, the content will stay the same, even with a different URL.

This will result in you getting a lower rank online for both versions because the search engine has no idea which content is relevant. To get both of these to rank well, you will need to do the work twice, creating two separate SEO campaigns and put original and unique content on each one.

This is a lot of work and not necessary, outside of protecting yourself from a low search engine ranking because of duplicate content. If you just work with a responsive website, you can solve this problem while still reaching both customers.

6. Better Website Loading Times

Websites that are more responsive can load faster on all devices, even tablets, and smartphones. If your page takes 10 seconds to load, the chances that a user will leave the page increases by 123%.

If you are able to make a responsive website that loads fast, then it will lead to improved conversion rates too. This alone can make it worth your time to go for a responsive website.

7. Making a Responsive Website

A responsive website will provide you with all the benefits that you need. You do not have to waste money on having two websites, you can avoid duplicate content penalties, and it is easier to maintain compared to using other options.

If you are considering getting a responsive website and making some updates to your current website to make it more responsive, then check out some of the benefits above to help you make the right decision for your needs.

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