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How to Create Effective Holiday Landing Pages for eCommerce Site

Creating Your Holiday Landing Page

The landing page is one of the most important parts of an e-commerce website because it gives the consumer an idea of exactly what types of products the company is currently offering. It also sets the tone for the aesthetic of the entire website. It is the primary venue for communication with the customer. Below are some of the following tips suggested by Noria, an SEO agency in Brisbane, for making an effective holiday landing page for your website.

Make Your Aesthetic Appealing

You should ensure in your landing page that the aesthetic for your website is appealing. This sets the tone for the entire website. You should have a coordinated colour scheme that is then used throughout the entire website.

You should also establish your primary theme in this portion of the website. The aesthetic of your website should be streamlined, yet interesting to the viewer. You can use background images, as well as stock photography images to complement sub-sections of the website.

Use Keywords

The writing portion of your website landing page should be SEO friendly. This means that the writing should contain keywords that can help the website to be found on Google and other search engines. This will help to promote visitors to come to your website.

The writing should be of sufficient quality to keep the customer reading the entire page. You should use descriptive and engaging language. You may want to use language that describes your products while giving the impression that you understand the customer’s need for the products you offer.

You should make sure to proofread your writing for errors. This means that you should double-check that the writing is spelled correctly and that it has good grammar. You should ensure that the writing passes spell-check by copying and pasting it into a Microsoft Word document to check the spelling.


Make sure that your page is formatted correctly. There should be a proper heading for the entire page, as well as sub-headings for sections of the writing. The writing should be formatted to wrap around the text. Your paragraphs should be invented and there should be two lines between each paragraph.

Use Holiday Imagery

You should select imagery that goes with the theme of the holiday you are choosing. Holiday landing pages should have images of characters relative to the holiday. If you are creating an Easter themed page, you should have images of dyed eggs and the Easter Bunny.

Your eCommerce site should contain images that bring about joyous and sentimental feelings about the holiday at hand. You can use digital marketing to properly market your website but placing relative digital images in the content of the page. The images should be tagged with keywords so that they will help the website to show up in an internet search.

Effective and Well-Designed eCommerce Holiday Website

Overall, in order to design an effective holiday-themed eCommerce website, it is necessary to include a few key components. First of all, you should have aesthetically speaking images. You should also have a design for your page that includes a colour theme. The writing on your page should be of fine quality, including keywords to help the website show up on an SEO search.

You should properly format your webpage so that it is easy to look at. You should check out for spelling and grammar. You should use relevant holiday imagery, tagged with SEO keywords. You should use these strategies to achieve desired results, in order to boost online sales.

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