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5 Technologies To Keep Track of Your Employees

Looking after your subordinates is an incredibly important task. It ensures that you aren’t wasting your money on the employees you’ve hired. It also increases the efficiency of your workflow. However, monitoring your staff can be difficult. You have your own workload, so looking after employees all day simply isn’t possible. Luckily, there are ways to stay on top of workers without sacrificing all of your time. If you want advice in this regard, here are five ways to keep track of your employees.

1. Utilize a Tracking App

One of the most reliable ways to keep track of your employees is to use applications. Technology such as time tracking software is able to monitor your workers with accuracy, thus allowing you to judge each subordinate’s actions fairly. You can have your employees clock in and out, upload photos, turn in reports and use a GPS with this method. This software can also provide analyses of certain projects’ efficiency and progress.

2. Install Security Cameras

This method may seem a bit overzealous, but it’s undeniably effective. By installing security cameras, you can ensure that no derelict or harmful behavior occurs without your knowledge. Using this strategy is especially helpful if you have numerous employees. The resulting workplace is probably less personable and has far too many people to keep track of. Both of these attributes certainly justify cameras. Just be certain to avoid private areas such as bathrooms. Cameras also help by preemptively discouraging inappropriate behavior. If you tell your employees about the added security, it will be known that everyone’s actions are being monitored. People act differently while being watched.

3. Have Walk-Throughs

If you stay away from your employees all day, chances are things will go wrong. After all, when the cat’s away the mice will play. While you shouldn’t treat your workers like school children, it may be wise to conduct walk-throughs every so often. Simply stroll through your workspace and ask how everything’s going. If you see something dissatisfactory, deal with it in a professional and low-key manner. Making a scene in the middle of the office is unlikely to improve company morale. You may also want to consider doing these walks at random times. This is similar to building inspections, in which a lack of preparation creates greater accuracy during the check. In the event that you’re unable to conduct walk-throughs, you can always ask a high-level employee to do it for you.

4. Use Reliable Communication

It’ll be hard to keep track of your employees if you can’t contact anyone. This is why using reliable communication methods is essential. Be sure that everyone has a mobile device that will provide updates. You may also want to have your employees download a particular communication app. Doing so can maintain professionalism while providing reliable messaging. If you have remote workers, you can use a video chat service to create a visual connection.

5. Hold Check-Ins

Tracking your employees can seem uncomfortably invasive at times. If you want to monitor your workers without feeling this way, you can hold regular check-ins. These meetings are simply for the purpose of seeing where everyone’s at. It’s a great time to hold performance reviews and discuss what could be done better. You can also ask your employee what goals the individual has. Offer ways that your company can work toward these goals, thus reinvigorating the worker. If there have been behavioral issues, you may want HR to be present at the conference. Be sure that these check-ins happen on a regular basis.

Keeping your employees accountable, while seemingly harsh at times, is an essential component of a functional business. No matter how much you love your workers, not everyone will have unwavering dedication to your company. By using these methods in a fair manner, you can keep track of everyone and make sure the company is moving forward. A fair yet firm office may be just the thing your business needs.

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