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5 Ways to Convince Employees to Keep Wearing Their Identification Badges

When you provide identification badges to your employees, it maintains your business or company’s professionalism and security. As a business owner, you know that an ID policy is advantageous to both the company and employee. However, it might not be easy to convince your staff of this fact. You must emphasize the advantages of an ID policy to help your employees understand why they must follow an identification protocol. It will help if you provide them with an identification badge and an id badge holder that is well-designed to make the process of wearing IDs effortless.

ID badges provide visual identification of employees

You must explain to your employees that ID badges are a streamlined way to identify staff members and are particularly critical if your business works and interacts with the public. Clients and customers can determine if someone is a genuine staff member when they require assistance. ID badges commonly include a photo and the name and title of the employee. If employees wear uniforms but perform different tasks, a badge mitigates confusion regarding job roles. It will help if you provide staff with an id badge holder as an attractive and sturdy way to hold IDs

Increased security

Let your staff know that badges aid you in keeping them safe while they are at company premises. Security staff is able to validate at a glance who does and does not belong in an area or location. They can quickly question or remove people who are unauthorized from the premises. Badges also help track the movements of employees throughout the building. The badge system can be utilized to validate where employees are in the case of emergencies such as fires or other problems. In case of a fire or accident, badges can provide critical information for emergency staff. Dual-sided badges are even more advantageous in the case of emergencies because it offers sufficient room to list emergency contact numbers for medical personnel to call.

An ID badge system can function as a timecard

It would help if you constantly reminded employees of the advantages of an ID badge policy. If you utilize a timecard system, your employee ID badge can also have a dual function as a timecard. Your employee will only need to swipe their badges beyond the security checkpoint as they proceed to their workstation every morning. It saves time visiting or punching on the time clock. ID badges also make it effortless to get discounts offered to employees by local commercial establishments such as restaurants. If a certain commercial establishment doesn’t offer discounts to your employees, it might be worthwhile to ask them if they would be willing to mark down prices if you know that a good number of your employees are patronizing their business. Noting that an ID system can help them gain discounts as well as other benefits can help you convince your employees to stick to your ID policy.

Enforce strict measures to keep your employees wearing their ID badges

If your attempt to convince employees to wear ID badges fails completely, you may want to resort to stringent measures. Give employees the chance to adjust to wearing the new badges for several weeks. After this, explain to employees who remain non-compliant that you will have to give them several warnings before you resort to disciplinary measures. You might have to consider suspension. You might also have a meeting with an employee who continues to refuse to wear a badge and explain why the utilization of badges is so critical. You must clearly explain the consequences if the employee continues to be non-compliant. You might also want to hold a private meeting with the employee, which will help them understand why you started the policy.

It may eliminate the need for uniform

Not every employee is open to wearing a uniform on the job unless the industry requires it. Several examples are easily available if you are in the food and beverage business. But if you are a corporation, it may be a challenge for you to encourage your staff to wear uniforms. In most cases, it will not be appreciated. But if you want to boost the morale of your employee and make them feel that they belong, you can effortlessly do so by utilizing ID badges. ID cards will make your staff feel as if they are a critical part of a huge team without having to wear uniforms. The only thing your employee has to do is to wear or pin an ID card or badge to their outfits.


Your employees must follow your ID badge protocol. An ID has numerous benefits within the company but also for employee and customer relations. It ensures that your employee is authorized and has the credentials to perform necessary tasks.

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