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5 Best Mobile App Development Trends to Rule in 2015

With every passing year we make list of what we forgot to do in the previous year and how we are going to make it happen in the coming New Year. With every New Year there are new ideas, new strategies, new imaginations, new spirit and new hopes. Be it any kind of business they always strive to do their best and to give their users with the best possible access so that they could make their customers happy. Same is the case with mobile app industry. They too keep on updating new trends to design mobile applications with a difference.


Here in this post we are going to discuss the 5 major latest trends for designing mobile applications that will help you rule the mobile market in the year 2015.


  • Decline of the native apps


You are going to face a dramatic change in the mobile industry as you see the rise in the mobile app platforms. This expansion of the web applications will result in the declination of the native apps. There is no need to start a comparison between web applications and native applications because you will see a gradual downfall in the market of native apps by the end of the year 2015.

In the world of business, designers will easily become familiar with the dangers associated with the native apps and will get ready to accept the versatility of these trendy mobile apps.


  • Parallax scrolling


This parallax rolling is considered as the wow thing for your application. With the movement of images and the deep thoughts, it becomes the most useful thing while designing your mobile application. This parallax scrolling is a great trend in the world of mobile applications and web market. This will improve the visual appeal of your application and the overall experience of the user.

Parallax is considered as the best method because

  • It creates interactive and dynamic user experience
  • It allows content to be displayed on a single page only
  • It keep visitors engaged on the web page for longer



  • Large variety of inter-related devices


2014 has already seen a number of mobile applications which is going to be followed in 2015 as well. There are a number of applications that has been designed and Google has just came up with a number of smart application maker nest and it has even given an application for detecting smoke and is called as smoke detection application and will be controlled by a Smartphone app.

On the other way, Samsung has recently released its washing machine that can be controlled by Wi-Fi. All the connected objects with the applications will move to the next level that too with an eye opening technologies. With the launch of these smart TVs and video games, 2015 will definitely bring you with some more connected objects for e.g. wearable technologies, household appliances and other products.


  • Android is gonna Win!


If we look at the general trend then Android is available at its highest peak as compared to any other mobile device. Because of this it has been predicted that Android is going to win the race between the two major platforms i.e. Android and iOS. Well if you look at the statistics Apple is expected to lose its tablet market by the end of the year 2015. Android will soon take over the whole share. According to the recent analysis done by IDC, Android market share was counted to be 78% in the year 2013 and this rises to almost 80% at the end of the year 2014. This will be continuing in the year 2015 as well.


  • The introduction of Cloud application


With the help of these cloud application you will be able to enjoy the benefits of both types of desktops i.e. web applications and traditional desktops. The reason for this is cloud application is a hybrid of both the applications.

Why cloud application is getting so popular?

  • It offers rich user experience
  • It gives quick response to user experience
  • It can work in offline mode

Cloud applications allow you to upload and share any kind of file, allow you to take a screen shot and do a quick recording of your screen. By the year 2015, you will see that cloud application will get written on cloud directly and cloud providers will offer their users with cloud-hosted services for their upcoming applications.

The new trends in the market have already made their existence a grand existence and the year 2015 is also going to offer you a lot of new trends for designing your mobile apps. Keep on enjoying the new trends.


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