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How to choose the right LED lighting?

At the time of planning the lighting of our home, parking, office, etc., it is advisable to know the types of LED bulbs that we can find and which are the correct ones, depending on our need. For this reason, we must keep in mind various aspects such as the capacity in lumens, the opening angle, temperature of the lighting and the assembly or installation in our home.

Types of LED bulbs

Among the different models and types of light bulbs there are, we can find:

The bulb LED are low power consumption plus they do not emit any pollution, and a high level of resistance in case of shock. They are ideal for decorations and to fill the area with pure light. You can find a great variety of them and various other types of LED lights including Rope Lights and Icicle Lights here, led string lights here.

Tubes LED good for large places that need good lighting, such as factories, meeting rooms, etc. They are very useful since they only consume 40W and do not require a transformer at the time of installation or mounting.

The LED Panels have a perfect white light to give the office touch. The LED panels vary between your sizes and shape (circular, square, rectangular), so it is very likely that meet many of our needs.

The tapes LED, are very versatile for any decoration light, as we find in RGB colors. Useful for lighting on the edges of roofs, walls or floor.

Lumens Capacity

What are lumens? lumens is the unit used to reflect the number of light reflected by the bulb. The drawback is that the lack of association of the producers does not make it possible to equalize methods, so we can get some drawbacks. However, we can find a theory that mentions the capacity that an LED can generate between 60 and 90 lumens. Values ​​that are above this is not true or rarely, it is optimized.

Knowing that 70 is the average quantity that corresponds to most of the bulbs on the market. Therefore, a 12W LED bulb would provide 840lm light capacity. Which would replace the light produced by a 60W incandescent bulb.

Opening angle

One of the drawbacks that LED lighting shows is the opening angle it provides. This forces us to observe the definitions and forms of use referred to by producers or manufacturers. The favorable side is that the technology used in LED optics has been advancing so that we can find light bulbs with the ability to illuminate a room.

When buying LED bulbs with an opening angle of 40º, we will get a light with a better focus, which would be useful for lighting specific places such as a shelf, box, etc … By the way, for an area such as a room it is necessary to get a light bulb with 120º opening which is the most referred for those places. In case the size is bigger than we will have to place others depending on the place.

Lighting temperature

Depending on the Kelvin degrees we will know what color will reflect the light of our bulb. In knowledge of the number we will determine the three forms of light which are: warm white, pure white, cold white. These colors are used to give different functional uses. Warm white has a yellowish color which is appropriate for bedrooms, living room, etc. because it provides a form of ambient lighting. Pure white is referred to in places like kitchens, bathrooms, or work areas. And finally the cold white is suitable for positioning in areas where it is necessary to illuminate with the greatest amount of light such as storage, parking, etc.

As we have seen there are different types of light, which can be used depending on the style desired.

Mounting in our home

It is very unlikely to have the same light mounting or installation in our homes. It is essential that we know the installation model that we have in case of remodeling or replacing.

Under circumstances for good performance several halogen lamps need the transformer to be verified. One reason is because from a transformer we can place several LED bulbs to enjoy the 50 watts onwards that they have to supply modern LEDs that only spend 10 or 12W per bulb. The following reason is because it is ideal to replace them with LED bulbs that connect to the 220V current.

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