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The Impact of SEO on the Wearable Industry

With the introduction of the Apple watch, there has been a rising popularity and demand for the wearables. Website owners and B2B organizations need to take into consideration wearable tech visitors while designing their websites. Wearable technology is currently very much in vogue and lots of consumers are wearing it. As more and more tech firms are rolling out products which allow users to browse the web, website owners would certainly need to keep in mind and consider as they are launched, keep abreast with updates and keep maintaining websites. Though wearables are presently only $5700 million industry, according to the forecast, it is expected to grow beyond $1.4 billion worldwide in 2016.

Reports show that thousands of young customers are doing a quite a bit of web browsing using their non-fitness wearables. For instance, in the year 2014, it is believed that Google Glass owners augmented their surfing activities almost by 135 percent that went beyond tablet and mobile users who are known to increase only their browsing activities by almost 39% and 39% respectively.

Websites Optimized Especially For Local Users Would Go Up

Google has certainly made local business top priority thanks to their latest algorithm modifications; therefore, it makes real sense that the latest wearable technology is bound to feel the major impact of this particular switch over. National smartphone apps such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, along with the hyperlocal apps such as blogTO are augmenting this consumer shift obviously to local business.

Website owners would soon be starting to give priority to local content based on consumers’ GPS location. Go about optimizing your website especially for local search terms and phrases. You need to think about analyzing website metrics for ensuring that content is created to cater to the phrases and terms your visitors search frequently. If your B2B business is proactive, talk to your consumers and find out the reason why they have been attracted towards your business and consider including those terms and topics very much in your content.

Assimilations with Apps and External Websites

In most cases, it is found that wearables are actually functioning as extensions of the smartphone. They would surely be more useful as engagement tools via beacon technology, push notifications, and other effective location-based methods. This assimilation with apps and external sites would be providing users with certainly the very best overall experience. The manner in which Google is presenting data from the local directory apps such as Yelp and third-party vendors such as Open Table demonstrates the fact that they are prepared to work and coordinate with external providers for serving up the best and most relevant data or information to users. Try to locate and identify opportunities for integrating with these sorts of apps and websites. You should opt exclusively for the ones that are really relevant to your unique business Examine if they could make a real difference to your marketing.

Stay Relevant and Abreast with Technology Impacting Your Business

It is really important to stay abreast with the latest in the market and equally necessary to keep track of your competitors and everything that is new and in vogue in the online Internet marketing industry. If you are thinking of evolving your business, you should build a responsive marketing team which could adapt itself and shift with the modifications. You could perform well in this truly competitive arena provided you understand the way technology is impacting your business, be it wearables, mobile apps or website apps.

Voice Searches Would Be Changing the Way You Write Your Content

If your content has been written exactly in the same manner in which your audience is used to speaking, it is definitely one of the most effective ways of engaging well with your page visitors and making them come back. This is a solid technique for gaining robust rankings.


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