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What is Elco Lighting and Why is it a Great LED Lighting Option

Thanks to Thomas Edison, light bulbs were invented. Over many years, the world has begun relying on it. All establishments and infrastructures of today are using light bulbs. While when it comes to incandescent bulbs, innovations made have been at a slow pace, innovations such has Elco lighting fixtures were still able to provide light bulbs of high quality.

Elco Lighting was founded way back in 1991 by Steve Cohen with a mission of making and selling lighting products for residential and commercial establishments in light of a philosophy that they should be marketed at a fair price. Over the years, ELCO Lighting has engineered and designed residential and commercial lightings ranging recessed and track lighting, to emergency and exit lights, wall packs, under cabinet lighting, step lights, and more.

Elco Lighting is a Great LED Lighting Option. Here’s Why…

Elco Lighting is the most effective in the market, recognized for the quality of its products, their layouts, as well as vast assortment of products they supply in the market place ranging from classic to modern and sophisticated. Moreover, the firm prides itself on making products of the finest quality for household and commercial structures and marketing them for fair market prices. Apart from its dedication to producing superb products, it also heads out of its method to ensure that every home can afford them. Their items are backed with the best quality accreditation and the favorable comments of consumers in terms of how sturdy they are, and just how consistently the lights supplied the very same brightness even after years of use. This would also indicate that the business is dedicated to making it possible for the public to buy top quality items that continue producing their required illumination. If you purchase a light bulb for twenty 5 dollars and it lasts for say 5 years before you have to replace them, then that would suggest a five buck expense for each year you have used the light bulb. With these sort of items, one would not run the risk of acquiring more expensive light bulbs for momentarily usage.

Quality LED Lights from Elco Lighting

One of the most recent advancements in the designs of Elco Lighting is having LED or light releasing diodes as the illumination resource of the light bulbs.

Popularly known as LED, Light Emitting Diode is a type of semiconductor diode that emits a glow when voltage is detected passing through and was discovered in 1962 by a North American consulting engineer for an electric company named Nick Holonyack. From that year, LED lighting has become immensely popular for both commercial and residential markets. To date, Elco Lighting’s LED is used everywhere even in electronic devices, appliances, and digital TV monitors.

Incandescent bulbs produce glow and light when their inner filaments are heated. Meanwhile, Elco Lighting’s LED lights produce glow after electricity lights up the material, creating electroluminescence. Unlike the former, LED bulbs are filament-free thus the glow is a result of the electrons that move in a semiconductor material that mostly comprises aluminum-gallium-arsenide content.

Although the current market is flooded with a plethora of light manufacturers, Elco Lighting is one of the most popular ones because of their LED’s durability and quality at an affordable rate. Elco Lighting is winning in terms of the following areas:


Compared to classic lightings like fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, Elco’s LEDs are stuffed with enough energy. Around 96% of the energy they carry is transformed into light while the remaining percentage is converted as heat. This mechanism is responsible for enormously decreasing or regulating energy consumption at a dramatic degree and this is reflected in people’s electricity bills. Their LEDs are so efficient that replacing an 84-watt fluorescent with a 36-watt LED can still emit the same brightness.

Meanwhile, in terms of longevity, high quality LED bulbs from Elco Lighting can remain up, producing the same light up to 60,000 hours. This is far longer compared to incandescent bulbs with a lifespan of only around 1,500 hours, consequently requiring replacement more often.


Elco’s LED bulbs are built and working not with filaments but with tiny semiconductor materials. This facilitates a sturdier frame and quality compared to the traditional bulbs. Moreover, LED lights usually come in a variety of colors and designs which means at their excellent quality, their beauty is not left compromised.


Traditional bulbs like neon incandescent make use of mercury which has been proven to be harmful to the health and the environment. Meanwhile, LED bulbs from Elco lighting are made up of non-toxic, recyclable materials. Moreover, since they are known to be durable and long-lasting, this means fewer wastes to dispose and less carbon to emit to the environment.

Compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs are usually as efficient as LED lights. However, environmental regulations formulated by state agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA discourages the use of CFLs due to their hazardous mercury content. Compact fluorescent lamps’ proper disposal is even mandated and those who are seen violating the rules are to be penalized.


Most of those who opt for LED lamps over other lighting options do so because of their durability and efficiency when it comes to cost. On top of this, however, ELCO lighting customers choose LED over others because of how they are practically safe to use, built and content-wise. Apart from the LED’s nontoxic components, the lamps also produce minimal heat at 3.4 British Thermal Unit (BTU) per hour. Compared to incandescent bulbs that emit 85 BTU per hour, using LED has lesser risks to fire accidents and injuries.


LED devices are actually small, i.e. smaller than a tenth of a single millimeter while larger LED devices are still millimeters small. Their compactness allows them to easily adapt to a wide number of lighting applications. Apart from commercial and residential applications, LED devices are also used from the roots in circuit board lighting up to traffic signals, and in lighting major stadiums.

With all these benefits, ELCO Lighting’s LED sales have unsurprisingly spiked and have quickly become the top choice of commercial and residential property developers.

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