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The Importance of Email Validation & the Role of ZeroBounce in Improving Your Email Deliverability Rates

When it comes to securing your email account and reducing your bounce rates, you will need something more than anti-malware software and email marketing programs. An email validation service addresses the gaps which cannot be filled by any other kind of program. ZeroBounce is a proven email verification system that detects email bounce, protects against email spam traps, removes known email complainers, and also appends key data.

Whether you are using your email account for your business or professional services, there are many features to ZeroBounce that can help you boost your deliverability rates and overall efficiency.

Key Features of ZeroBounce

When you choose ZeroBounce, you will get access to the following features:

  • Email Bounce Detection

Imagine being able to know which emails are going to bounce even before you click the ‘send’ button. ZeroBounce will identify such emails and alert you even before you send them, thus helping reduce your bounce rates. Invalid emails can have a big impact on your deliverability rates. This software will remove all those invalid emails from your list.

  • Prevent Email Abuse & Spam Trap

This service has a unique feature of identifying email accounts that have previous history of marking emails as spam. So you can prevent email abuse and increase your deliverability rates. It can also identify spam traps to ensure that your account’s reputation is maintained.

  • Preventing Security Threats

The software has toxic domain and disposable email detection features that help protect your account. Its powerful algorithm identifies domains that have a history of creating and sending spam, bot-based emails, and abuse emails. It can also identify mask email accounts.

  • Data Append Feature

The more information you have about your email subscribers and other recipients, the better it is for your business. ZeroBounce can append social, gender, and even IP information. You can get details like first/last name, age, location, and gender of the email account. This information can help you target your audience in a more precise and effective way.

  • Catch-All Domain Detection

Another advantage of using ZeroBounce is that it can identify catch-all domains. This will help ensure that your emails get delivered even when the email doesn’t exist.

  • Email Verification API

You can also use ZeroBounce’s API and add it to your software for verifying emails.

  • Generate Reports

The software also generates reports to provide you an overview of your email data.

The success of your business depends on how effectively you can reach your target audience. Email verification helps you determine whether a list has valid email addresses and are deliverable. ZeroBounce is an affordable email validation service that is easy to start with. Advanced users can also integrate its API with their programs.


ZeroBounce works on a credits based system. Plans start from accounts with 5K minimum emails that cost you $0.003 per email and go up to accounts with 5 million emails that cost just $0.0006 per email. You can even sign-up for an account for sending 5 million emails and get special rates.

If your business depends on email communication, an email verification software like ZeroBounce should be an integral part of your communication model. It is easy to setup and use, helps maintain your email account’s reputation, and is affordable.


Disclosure: This review introduces the positives of using ZeroBounce email verification system and has been sponsored by the service.

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