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The Future of Transportation Is Here

The rate at which technological progress is changing our world is simply staggering, but it is the most obvious when it comes to the transportation industry. While just 150 years ago, traveling across the ocean was a serious endeavor, today we are thinking about how soon will we be able to take our first holidays on different planets. Even in the field of personal transport, we have seen a major move forward. With all of this in mind, here are a few indicators which claim that the future of transportation is indeed here.

Electric Cars

Once the world figured out that the reserves of fossil fuel aren’t inexhaustible, for a brief moment there was a massive hysteria about the survival of our civilization. Like so many times before in the moment of crisis, humanity resorted to its strongest trait, their intellect in order to come up with the alternative solution. Electrical energy seemed as the most sensible solution since it can be gained through completely earth-friendly processes (solar, wind and water plants), which is why we live in the golden age of electric cars. Today, Tesla is one of the biggest names in the entire automotive industry, but this is still just the beginning.


Even though it doesn’t actually levitate above the ground, hoverboards are hitting off as a trend. With the help of a sophisticated self-balancing technology, they are an ultimate vehicle for a commute across the crowded metropolitan areas. Their prices are fairly modest. Their power consumption is low to moderate and they don’t pollute the environment with exhaust gasses. While hoverboards are still most popular amongst the millennials, in the last few years they were adopted by older generations as well. Who knows, if this industry gets lucrative enough, maybe a truly levitating board becomes their natural evolution.

Looking Towards Future

Apart from the three abovementioned trends that we see in the streets, there are few more ideas that are talked about in the future. These are either things that exist, but are not used on a massive scale (like jetpacks) or things we are at least several generations away from, if they are even possible in the first place. We are talking about things such as teleportation, massive projects like orbital rings, backpack helicopters or personal air vehicles (a flying car). Which of these will become the next big thing and which will get completely forgotten remains to be seen.

The Age of the Bicycle

Another thing that has changed in the world is the overall attitude towards the urban commute. While in the past, having a car was seen as a matter of one’s social status, the attitude of city population has quickly shifted towards some greener solutions. This is why people all over the world abandon their cars and public transportation in favor of their bicycles. Apart from being cheaper and eco-friendlier, they are also much better for your health, which makes using them a win-win-win solution. Still, seeing how we live in the era of gadgets, this also brought to the rise in popularity of electric bicycles. A perfect example of this is the unexpected electric bikes Sydney hysteria, which brought to these bicycles getting more and more common on this city’s streets.

We truly live in an interesting time. With our own eyes, we can admire the newly emerging ideas that will shape the world as we know it. Sometimes, these changes are so subtle you can’t even notice them, which doesn’t make them less influential. Be as it may, even the best estimations have known to be wrong, which means that only the time will tell what interesting direction will the future of transportation take. Still, it is beyond doubt that it will be one hell of a ride.

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