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Futuristic Drag and Drop Website Builder 2019 – 8b Review

We need to understand the what, why and how of web trends. With the emergence of thousands of websites daily, and the ever improving design, we need to adapt to the world and move forward from a designer’s perspective. The closer we get to understanding why people adapt website trends and designs around customers and traffic, is the time we understand how to create designs that can have a lasting effect in the world like it does 8b Simple Website Builder application.

In this day and age, web trends dictate that the website be minimalist, highly adaptable to user demands, easy to understand and it loads fast on mobile phones. Design aspect is key in running a website in 2019 and for it to load faster on phones because of the Mobile-first focus by Google.

In fact, if your website loads fast for mobile devices, Google will automatically rank your website higher than websites that do not. In order to get this advantage, you can use Accelerated Mobile Pages.

What AMP allows the website to do, is run in a basic, stripped down version of it without any slow-loading features. The website’s functionality is not stripped but the visual aspect is. It allows mobile phones that are connected to various sorts of internet connects, fast or dead slow, to open the page faster than normal pages.

Google gives a higher SERP ranking to these page and puts them in the top Carousels. It’s an experience that isn’t important for machines, but very important for the human aspect.

Google AMP

Google AMP is a technology for websites that allows to almost instantly load pages on mobile phones. It was created back in early 2016 and there are millions of domains and billions of pages that use this AMP technology.

The first step to create your website and to build AMP pages is to follow your website’s own AMP url; for instance, This allows you to access your Website’s AMP page, if you have AMP installed. You can edit your website page from there according to your needs.

Visiting AMP pages through google search is the fastest; in fact, Google wild the page on its own, powerful servers and display the content directly on the website. It’s just like Facebook instant articles, like you can see it and read it and it opens almost instantly.

How Drag and Drop Website Builders work

In the past, website creation was a very tedious process. You either needed to learn how to code in HTML + CSS coding languages or hire a professional programmer who would take his time designing each and every aspect of your website. Even today, with so many drag and drop website builders around, some people prefer creating their website from the ground up. However, the websites created by professionals and the website created by dragging and dropping modules to create different aspects of the website are pretty much the same. The only difference is, you save hundreds of dollars and hours upon hours of work with the latter.

8B is an online tool that works just like a regular website; you don’t need to download anything, and you don’t need to wait hours for it to load. It’s a very fast loading Drag and Drop Website Builder that you can access anywhere and create your smart, interactive and efficient website.

8b capabilities

Responsive Websites

Websites need to be response and fast loading in order to compete in today’s market. How 8B helps and fits the criteria of fast loading website is that they allow your website to be tweaked in order to be highly responsive, highly efficient and highly search engine optimization. This allows you to get lower bounce rates and higher time spent on your website.

Fast Google Ranking

When your website is published with 8B, it automatically sends google the necessary information to help your website rank higher than normal websites. Since 8b Uses AMP technology and has very efficient coding behind each website created, Google ranks websites created using 8B higher than other ones.

Latest Google AMP

8b Drag and Drop Website Builder uses the latest version of Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). It cares a lot about your website’s mobile experience and performance improving the page load time.

8b takes advantage of Google’s latest version of Google AMP – it not only takes care of the mobile experience that is offered by your website but allows your website to rank higher, load faster and be more efficient for users, overall.


At the end of the day, getting your website made isn’t that big of a deal; getting it made so that it not only ranks higher from the beginning, but loads faster, runs more efficiently, is interactive and is cheaper than other websites to make, is a big deal.

8B allows your website to run faster, more secure and with better results than other website builders. This is the reason why so many professionals are using 8b Drag and Drop Website Builder; it’s minimalist, looks good and runs even better.

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