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Fresh Content Marketing Strategies that turn traffic into ROI

With the growing competition in the digital arena and evolving technology, marketing your business or page online is of utmost importance. Content marketing is one such strategy, which involves creating content in different types of formats. These formats can be anything between tutorials, articles, infographics, etc. to generate more leads and bring in more traffic to your website.

Content marketing is a powerful strategy for marketing that drives a high level of traffic and brings a high ROI for your investment. It can be utilized for driving business and creating high-quality marketing initiatives. Additionally, content marketing can also enhance customer lifetime value while lowering the cost of new customer acquisition. Following are some content marketing strategies that you can implement for a better return on your content marketing investment and generating better leads:

1. Understand Your Audience

Before you begin content marketing and work on the different strategies to boost traffic to your website, remember to empathize with your target audience. Understand what they need, along with their biggest challenges. Accordingly, you would be able to provide solutions and answers to your customers. It would be best if you gained the trust of your audience by sending them a message that you understand their requirements and would like to solve them.

Make use of your content to gain your audience’s trust by giving data-driven examples and quoting relevant facts and figures. This can only be done once you understand their pain-points and provide them with solutions in the form of blog posts, eBooks, tutorials, etc. You can even start a video series if required.

2. Link your Content with the Top Marketing Channels


For growing your business in the digital arena or for driving more traffic to your website, your target audience must be able to find the content on your website or page easily. Your content should be easily discoverable through different social media channels and via search marketing.

The content needs to be data-driven and credible as it would be accessed by a broad audience around the globe. It also needs to be relevant according to the topic or the industry. Otherwise, it would affect the ability of your website to gain more traffic and ultimately affect your business. Remember to link your content to top marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., so that you gain more traffic and get a better ROI.

3. Set Fixed Goals

For driving more traffic and getting a better ROI, one of the strategies that can be applied is to setup fixed goals for your page or business. This is an inbound content strategy followed by several companies. They set goals such as increasing organic traffic, building brand loyalty, ramping up conversions, and so on. These goals ultimately help in driving sales and increasing revenue.

Once you have fixed your goals, you need to understand what would help you to achieve these goals. This can be done by setting up actionable tactics that are measurable and time-defined. In this way, you would be able to track your progress and keep a check on whether you are moving on the right track.

4. Know the Marketing Stage for which the Content is Written

While creating content for a particular page or website, you should know the stage of marketing for which it needs to be written. One also needs to know about the sales funnel being targeted and the objectives that need to be achieved. The marketing or sales funnel has several stages which are: awareness, interest, consideration, intent and purchase. Following are the different content marketing strategies that can be developed at various stages of the marketing funnel:

  • Awareness: The first stage is to build awareness about your brand. Your blog content should be able to provide a solution to different problems and queries of the industry. That is the only way to have more people get attracted to your page.
  • Interest: The second phase is where the audience has gone through your blog and signed up. It would be best if you furthered the attention of your audience by providing more information about the products or services that you are offering.
  • Consideration: In this phase, one needs to target the audience with the help of white papers, case studies and eBooks. A content strategy example can be to send it out to your e-mail list directly.

5. Make Use of Premier Resources

The most premier resources of a business are its employees, affiliates and leaders. Similarly, if you own a page, the premier resources are the clients, users and subscribers. For effective content marketing, it is best to use these resources that know the best about you. These resources interact with your business or page regularly.

This content marketing strategy is being followed by many businesses around the world to increase their organic traffic quickly. These resources can help you increase the traffic to your website and generate better ROI. Many companies also use small business SEO tools to strengthen their website traffic.

6. Differentiate between different Buyer Personas and Fill any Content Gaps

Along with understanding your target audience, it is also essential to understand the various facades of your target audience. The more knowledge you have about the specific content requirement, the better you would be able to serve your customers. You can do this by defining the buyer persona and equipping your content to resonate with your buyer.

Additionally, it is also crucial to evaluate your content regularly according to your audience. You can conduct a ‘content audit’ to find out what your content is lacking and fill up those gaps by revising your content.


The investment in different content marketing strategies is an investment in the future of your business as it helps in gaining new customers and driving better sales. The above content marketing strategies would help in better content generation and enhance your marketing plan for generating better traffic and ultimately increasing ROI.

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