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Top internet businesses in third world countries

There have been two biggest revolutions in the human history. The first with the invention of computer and second with the invention of internet. These two have influenced human life remarkably vast enough to have an impact on every field of life. But internet has nevertheless even a far more wide and rudimentary impact on every sphere of human life.

From domestic sphere of life to professional frameworks and from teacher to a civil constructor internet has had unending impacts on human life.

But the way internet has helped low fortune countries is its distinctive success feature from any other success feature it has ever had.

Some of the businesses that turned out to be the jackpots for third world South East Asian countries are:

Call center businesses

The urge to cut down expense is the strongest of all in every business man, business model or business entity. Outsourcing industry did that for the business world of U.S.A, Canada and UK as internet went viral in all the third world countries every giant in the Western business World attempted to cut down its expenses by outsourcing many of its customer support, sales and IT solutions.

This resulted in the opening of numerous jobs in the third world countries and a new born BPO industry was ready to welcome the outsourcing bodies in their cut throat market.

India is known for the top BPO land when it comes to the call center industry. Although it’s neighboring country Pakistan has stayed parallel to it in this run.

Search engine optimization projects

As internet progressed and the era of GOOGLE and FACEBOOK kicked in search engine optimization became the top intangible market of many third world countries. Businesses like Writing, Data entry and logo designing boosted the online sales business in such countries and entrepreneurs made millions of dollars monthly out of businesses generated by SEO techniques.

Data entry projects

With the advent of internet connectivity a new business stream was explored by these third world countries by the name of DATA entry. Big bulks of data were converted, changed or transcribed from one medium to another or from one format to another.

Business of this nature took a vast share of the entire outsourcing industry and projects expanding to a time tenure of years of contracts were signed between the Giants of the first world and the entrepreneurs of the third world countries.

Audio recordings of thousands of hours were transcribed into MS-WORD or EXCEL Sheets. These recordings used to be recorded courtroom trial proceedings or recorded medical prescriptions. University recorded lectures to other audio mediums were outsourced to be converted in written formats. A business of millions of dollars became the source of economic boom for many domestic businesses.

Web designing and development projects

Internet is an ever evolving invention. It gave the world a never ending venture which grabbed every domain of life. With the growing usage of internet all over the globe web designing and development became a business that ever since has just grown over and over up.

Today there is a billion dollar industry alone in every third world country that supports the western internet existence needs. From theme designing to ERPs these business projects have proved to be the luckiest of all.


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