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What is a VoIP Phone System and How Will it Help Your Business?

A VoIP Phone system, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is simply a technology that allows for communication over the internet. You may or may not recall that its original identification was Internet telephony. The process means that vibrations of the voice are condensed to digital signals, which are transformed, transmitted and changed into Internet Protocol packets or IP. The packets are sent on and then converted to a traditional telephone signal.

Aid to Business

VoIP is a helping hand to business as it allows individuals using computers and running separate businesses and companies to initiate and make phone calls from desktop computers, laptops and tablets that are equipped with VoIP phone technology.

How VoIP Phone Systems will Help Your Business

Voice over internet technology not only lowers the cost of doing business and limits business expenses, but it eliminates the need to acquire complicated and expensive phone systems, equipment and other package accessories that add to operating expenses. Setting aside funds for more traditional phone systems and bill payments can be funneled to other business aspects when a voice protocol set up is utilized.

Voice over internet systems also give business owners access to other software programs that give them the advantage in dealing with customers, clients, vendors and others by way of software programs for e-mailing, e-faxing and actual internet phone conferencing. With all of these procedures being run simultaneously, businesses of almost any size can do away with the high cost of more expensive outside phone systems and hardware, while realizing increased profits.


The freedom of movement offered by such a phone system allows for not only phone calling capabilities but direct access to other interactions that occur on the internet. Business and corporate personnel constantly on the move or traveling for their employers can utilize specialized adapters to access applications as well as make less expensive phone calls that would otherwise rack up cell phone call bills and expenses.


Businesses, small or large, want productivity and the voice protocol system can increase employee output through the accomplishment of many tasks at the same time (multi-tasking) without interruptions. The system allows for tasks that include attaching documents, convening and conducting meetings “virtually” and sharing data and other information through video type conferencing.

Effective Communications

The technology of voice protocol has gone from previous distortions, lags and call dropping to one of accuracy, clarity and real comparisons to traditional phone call transmissions. The changes that have occurred through the latest advances have made voice protocol calling much more attractive to corporations, businesses and individuals that were once wary of some of the original difficulties. You can now view voice protocol as an effective communications tool with all the bugs removed.

Easy Installation/Operation

Limited installation and technical knowledge are required with the initial use and connection of a voice protocol system. There are not hundreds of miles of separate cabling necessary with the system, and most businesses no longer even call for separate cabling for more traditional systems, so that makes any technicalities involving installation for a voice protocol system hassle free.

Hazards and Expanded Capability

The risks that more conventional phone systems cause, through excess wires and fire hazards are all passé with voice protocol systems. Plus, any growing demands for augmentation to a voice protocol system are easily remedied with simple adjustments, as the software utilized with the system makes modifications and alternations to the entire system an easy process. The non-hardware involvement with a voice protocol system removes any disruptions and provides for a smooth flowing operation.

One Simple Operation

Updated VoIP technology has created a communication system that simply houses data on a single network, which makes managing a large or small-scale business considerably less frustrating as well as more cost effective and productive for any business enterprise.

Extended Operations

There are other simple related voice protocols that make it easy for calls to be made from even Wi-Fi location providers, such as stores, airports, resorts, motels, restaurants and other locations.

The possibilities are endless for voice protocol systems and many individuals, businesses, corporations and others are making use of it, and you can find more and more information and options for voice over internet protocols through numerous phone system guides for buyers.


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