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7 things you must keep in mind if it is your first time writing an academic essay

The major reason why students find writing an essay so hard is that they mostly focus on  external aspects , such as attaining or  passing grade or to match up to the  expectations of the teacher. The problem is that when you concentrate on minor approvals, it becomes significantly difficult to write an interesting essay.

Writing a good essay is not that hard. You just need to know the requisite steps of writing it, which you can attain by taking an effort to learn and understand the process of essay writing. If you are beginner and finding it hard to write a good, comprehensive essay for your project, you can get help from paper writing service online, to help you get started.

You can follow these 7 easy steps when writing your academic paper:

1) Selecting the topic

You must select a topic that defines your interest or write about something regarding which you have a lot of knowledge, since this is your first time. If you have been given a topic to write by your teacher or professor-in charge, then you have determine how you will present it.

2) Understanding and analysing the topic

It is very important to understand the question or argument of the essay, before starting to write. You must have a clear understanding of the entire concept by analysing it thoroughly. The “What”, “How” and “Why” of the topic needs to be highlighted in your academic paper to make it an interesting read for your teacher.

3) Outlining the essay

You can only start writing an essay after you have created a possible outline to guide you till the end. A mock-up draft has to be written first which in due course, you have to develop into an informative essay.

4) Making the introduction

An appealing introduction is necessary to grasp the attention of the reader till the very end of the essay. A brief context of your topic needs to be mentioned in your introduction, which is ideally the thesis of your paper.

5) Drafting the body

The body of the essay must contain all the necessary facts and data that you using to describe your topic effectively. It should contain a number of paragraphs that point out what you are attempting to convey through supporting information .You can illustrate examples, calculations, diagrams, etc. as your supporting information. The main body of essay should be written in such a way that it justifies the “What”, “How” and “Why” questions to answer the principal argument.

6) Conclusion

The conclusion should be brief and to the point, but also tie the whole essay together. It should bring to light to all the main points that you have used in elucidating the topic.

7) References

The sources of any reference that you have used must be mentioned in the essay, for the reader to understand.

Once you understand and follow these simple steps, it will help you write a well-thought, well-written essay for your academic paper.

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