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Published on February 22nd, 2022 | by Benjamin Oaks


Inspirational Ideas for a Contemporary Essay

Essays are ubiquitous in the academic world and media. Most orders completed by any assignment writing service available online involve essay writing. It is not surprising since essays are flexible and allow writers to reflect, evaluate, inform, and argue on different topics in different disciplines. While informative or argumentative essays are well-known, a contemporary essay is the least understood literary form. This article defines a contemporary essay and provides valuable ideas for writing an impressive and insightful work.

Defining a Contemporary Essay

A contemporary essay is a unique type of essay, which has not been defined well in scholarly literature. A typical contemporary essay examines some current social problem, so it can be dubbed a socially-focused literary form. The writer’s voice is paramount in contemporary essays, which present a unique individual perspective on a selected topic. A top-level essay of this kind, such as the ones created by, meets the following requirements:

  • Clear writing
  • Freethinking
  • Attention to details
  • A unique, fresh perspective on a topic
  • Thought-provoking

The latter characteristic is of crucial importance in contemporary essay writing. A good essay should strike the reader; it should inspire them to look at familiar things from a new angle. The best essays of this type leave a lasting impression on the audience.

What skills should one possess to create high-quality, contemporary essays? Given the complexity of this type of writing, the skillset should contain the following:

  • Strong research skills
  • Close reading
  • Rhetorical analysis
  • Excellent grammar and style
  • Substantive revision

A writer creating a contemporary essay should be able to form and refine their thoughts and writing to communicate their ideas clearly and convincingly.

Contemporary essays are an inseparable part of academic conversations that form the intellectual community in academia. They are also a form of public discourse in the media, which allows rethinking the world around, raising some pressing issues, and reflecting on the potential solutions.

Ideas for Contemporary Essays

An important thing to understand about a contemporary essay is that it is not limited to a particular area or social problem. You can write about anything that bothers you or anything you find interesting within your academic field, from educational issues to government policies. Let’s discuss some examples that could inspire you:


You could explore the phenomenon of green buildings and their effect on the urban infrastructure and people. Such an essay would not simply define green buildings and explain their influence but also weave in problems of climate change, inequality, financial barriers, etc. In other words, the essay should examine the problem from many angles.


The topic of homeschooling is a good one for a contemporary essay, as it poses a series of questions about education, social inequalities, disability, and social interaction. If you find a fresh perspective on the topic (e.g., include some personal experiences), you can make your writing more personal and insightful.

Public Policies and Law

Imprisonment and execution are widely covered topics, but a contemporary essay may help explore them from a new perspective. For example, uncover experiences of people working in prisons or those conducting executions. Reflect on the ethical, moral, and psychological implications to develop a well-founded, unique position. However, the key is to focus on the current discussion, not research and arguments of the previous decades.

Healthcare and Individual Rights

There are currently no topics other than vaccination that would cause so many heated debates. If you have a solution in mind, feel free to incorporate it into the paper to promote further debates. A contemporary essay could reflect on the boundaries of individual rights, ethical implications of mandatory vaccination, etc. Make sure you don’t simply repeat other people’s arguments but present a different perspective.

Psychology and Mental Health

Why not look at a multitude of problems associated with the current pandemic? For example, you can explore how the lockdown affected domestic abuse and its implications for the psychological well-being of women. Or you can explore how distance education affects children’s mental health and what long-term social implications it may have.

Summing Up

If you find a contemporary essay too complex, you can always use a top essay writing service. Expert writers can create impressive, polished papers within limited deadlines. Another option is to create an essay and then use assignment essay help to edit and revise it as needed. This option is the best because you can express your ideas and worldviews and make the essay personal and unique. There is no harm in letting someone else do the tedious editing work.

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