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Classification and Argumentative Essay’s: How to Succeed?

Essay writing is common in the academic world. Asides that people write essays for different purposes. It may be a way of expressing one idea, giving more explanation or meaning to a complex team, or even making a classification of things. For these reasons one needs to know how to write a good meaningful essay although with college essay writing service, writing an essay successfully has been simplified for all categories of people. You can check essay service reviews for choosing the right essay writing service.

The focus of this article is on classification essays and argumentative essays; we want to look at the tips we need in order to write a successful classification essay or argumentative essay. The first part is to even know the definitions of the above terms “classification essay”, “argumentative essay”.

What is a Classification Essay?

A classification essay from the name is one that requires the writer to classify ideas, objects, and characters with their shared characteristics into specific groups or categories. Although this type of essay is not common in colleges and high schools, but it is one of the essays written in higher grade levels of education.

How to Write a Classification Essay?

Classification essay writing is not the same as a normal descriptive essay. It involves body of research work to get as much information as possible, so that it enables you to organize them into categories. These are the due processes to follow that will give you success in your classification essay:

  1. Gather ideas: The first step is to know what you want to write on and this is only possible when you gather your ideas right. Assuming you are not given a specific topic to write about, then you will need to have some topics in mind you wish to classify. College essay writing service can help you with topics such as:
  • Studying habits of college students
  • Types of athletes
  • Types of diets

Do a preliminary research on a chosen topic and pick a topic that interests you from your preliminary research you have gathered enough material to work with on the topic.

  1. Formulate the thesis statement: A thesis statement for a classification essay is not that easy but it should explain your approach towards the main topic and give your readers a view of what to expect from the essay.
  2. Outline the process: An outline is like a guide throughout your essay paper. It also comprises your time allocation to different parts of the research paper. From the preliminary research you carried out. Your ideas should be based on the major parts of your classification essay: i) Introduction ii) Body iii) Conclusion.
  3. Carry out more research: Take your time to do more research on the topic. Find as much information as possible that will help you define and describe each category you have listed in your outline. Also take note of the good characteristics, similarities and differences between the categories.
  4. Write your classification essay: After all these preparatory stages, you can go ahead and start writing your main essay. Make sure that it is well classified into your introduction, body paragraph and conclusion.
  5. Introduction: Introduction should clearly define your subject. Then also state the overall concept of what you intend classifying. Not forgetting that the introduction should attract the interest of the reader with descriptive and informative details on the topic.
  6. Body paragraph: Body paragraph and your categories are directly related. The body of the essay should be in line with the number of categories you will explore. Ensure you are specific and straight to the point. There should also be a logical flow between your paragraphs and there should be properly arranged.
  7. Conclusion: Conclusion is also as important as every part of your essay. Summarize all your points and mention the types and approaches you used in the essay. Then a final closing comment that is brief and straight to the point.
  8. Carry out your revisions: Revisions are very necessary; you check your spelling grammar, mechanism, logical arrangement and ideas stated. Make a final correction through proofreading your essays.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

In an argumentative essay, the writer simply presents evidence to support an idea. The main component of an argumentative essay is that all information presented be supported by facts and evidence.

Steps to write a successful Argumentative Essay

  • Choose a topic: Step one is choosing a topic for your argumentative essay. Go for a topic that can be strongly argued either for or against. Also make sure you choose a topic that you have background information about it. It will make your research easier and simple to write.
  • Conduct research: Gather information by credible sources and experts concerning your topic. Expand your knowledge by broadly reading about the topic and note common issues of argument over that topic.
  • Present an outline: An outline is a very important step in a good writing process, so ensure you draft your outline. An argumentative essay outline usually follow the common trend below:
  1. Introduction: For the introduction, give background information about your topic to attract the interest of the reader. Then some questions should be answered like the topics importance, how does it affect me? What to do about it? Introduction should also carry your thesis statement and where you take a side on the issue.
  2. Supporting paragraph 1: The first supporting paragraph represents a main argument that supports your thesis.
  3. Supporting paragraph 2: Here you present a second argument to support your thesis.
  4. Counter argument: Here you present a counter argument in relation to your paragraph 1 and paragraph 2.
  5. Conclusion: The main parts of your essay need to be summarized and this is done in your conclusion. You could also state some further research to support your argument.
  6. REVISE, PROOFREAD AND EDIT: After writing your essay you need to proofread it, revise and edit. College essay writing services include such. They spell out grammatical errors and mistakes in your essay. Its easy and simple to use especially when busy or on a tight schedule and don’t have time for finishing processes.

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