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TOP-10 Most Popular Specialties in the Future

What will be the demand in the labor market in the coming years? Where to go to study to get a good profession and a solid income in the future? These issues are of interest to many, both school graduates and workers who seek professional development and want to improve their financial situation.

According to the forecasts of the International Personnel Portal, the coming years will be a time of specialists. The most popular will be employees in the IT and telecommunications market, as well as people whose work is related to biotechnology, energy, and nanotechnology.

In the list below you will find specialties that will be in demand in the coming years. It is in these professions that you have the opportunity to easily find an interesting job with a good income.

1. IT Specialist

Already, the demand for specialists in the IT industry is huge. The rapid development of technology means that new jobs will appear on the market in the near future. Currently, the most lucrative jobs in this field are Java programmers, senior developers, or IT architects. Specialties related to the creation of computer games and applications, the creation of virtual reality, or the development of artificial intelligence will play a significant role.

2. Biotechnologist

This profession is very popular in the West. With the development of medicine, pharmacology, and environmental protection jobs. There will be more and more in this area. It should also be remembered that competition in this profession is low, so salaries for candidates must grow rapidly. What does a biotechnologist do? He develops technologies for the use of organic products in various fields.

3. Logistics

This is already one of the most popular professions. Specialists in the field of logistics are needed not only for transport but also for construction, automotive, electronics, and energy. A logistician will always find a job where there is production and sales. What is he doing? First of all, he is responsible for planning and controlling the production, transportation, and distribution of goods.

4. Electrical Engineer

According to the forecast, employment in this occupational group will increase by 35 percent by 2020. The bright future of this profession is inextricably linked with the rapid development of technology and its versatility.

5. Doctor

Although financial conditions for health workers in Ukraine are much worse than in the West, you can be sure that this situation will improve quickly. Unemployment is very low among doctors or nurses. Ukrainians are becoming more and more willing to play sports and take care of their appearance, so the professions of aesthetic medicine or physiotherapy will become very important. The services of psychologists and psychotherapists are also popular.

6. Coach / Nutritionist

As in the case of health services, the future of these professions is associated with lifestyle changes. People are interested in being healthy, looking, and feeling better. Over time, coaches and nutrition professions will develop rapidly. Let us also remember that our society is aging. That is why such a profession as a coach for the elderly is likely to be popular and in demand.

7. Financial Specialist / Personal Financial Advisor

Along with growing financial awareness, as well as concerns about the existing pension system, various types of financial advisers (eg, pension, investment, tax, insurance) will become more popular. According to forecasts, in the coming years, the demand for employees in this area will increase by as much as 43 percent.

8. Big Data Analyst

The Harvard Business Review called the profession of great data analyst “the sexiest profession of the 21st century.” This is not surprising: companies now accumulate huge amounts of data, the analysis of which is often crucial for business development. The so-called Big Data analysts must have a good knowledge of economics, mathematics, and statistics. Their job is to analyze data and provide specific solutions.

9. Computer Graphics Designer

Creative personalities will “find” themselves in this profession. The design of a website or book cover directly affects the success of a project or sale. In an increasingly competitive market, employers will be looking for people who will make them popular. Gone are the days when a product had to be functional rather than beautiful. Today, companies strive to attract customers with bright and exciting graphics.

10. Researchers

This is another profession that is now much more valued in the West. Ukraine still has a lot of work to do in this direction, but rapid advances in technology will force scientists to lay the groundwork for further development. In the future, scientists in fields such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, or engineering will get the most. Thanks to their research, new products, and inventions, medical services, medicines or ways of obtaining energy will appear on the market.

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