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Receive Faxes Within Seconds With The Best Online Fax Service

Faxing is mainly wronged with the misconception that it was used in the old days and is now forgotten. But what if we tell you that nowadays the case is totally opposite. In the world where safety is the main priority and data thefts have become more common, fax is now considered as a blessing and that is why it is used by masses all around the planet.

Professionals and businessmen, for whom the security of their information is the top-most priority, use faxes to communicate officially on a daily basis. With faxing, you get all your communication needs to be fulfilled along with a plus point of security.

But wait, are you thinking of the big fax machines that were once used for faxing? Well, times have changed and so has faxing. Where everything is becoming computerized and automated, fax has also been given a vogue and it’s a good one too.

Now you no longer need to make use of the bothersome fax machines as they are not needed in the faxing techniques. Neither is there any need for other necessities like paper, toner, and ink, etc. The internet is one thing that is enough for faxing through these advanced faxing techniques.

How Online Faxing is Done? An Overview

If some years back, anyone told you that you would be able to fax with the internet, you wouldn’t believe it, right? Well, that is not the case now. Nowadays you can not just fax through the internet easily but that, as well, can be done anywhere anytime.

Internet faxing has only been made feasible through the use of online fax services. These fax services allow faxing to be done through the internet.

You might be wondering why are these services even needed? This is because of the fact that faxing is done through analog signals while the internet works through digital signals. These two different types of signals cannot cooperate with each other unless there is an online fax service in between.

These fax services allow the smooth flow of data and information between these two forums, fax, and the internet. They serve as a medium for translating the work of both media.

As these online fax services are a vital part of faxing online, they must be chosen carefully. You cannot just choose the first one that you come across. Thus, we have done the work for you and put forward the one fax service that surpasses every other fax service in the market.

CocoFax – Online Fax Service That Owns The Crown

CocoFax is one of the online fax services that is used for sending and receiving free faxes online. It lies among the finest fax services in the market that have taken online faxing to another level. That is why CocoFax stands at the top position with a client base of millions of individuals as well as firms and organizations.

With some of the superb quality features and highlights, CocoFax has become a center of attention and has gained appreciation and reviews from some of the notable and international media forums like Android Authority, Forbes, Toms Guide, PCMag and the New York Times.

When talking about its line of work, CocoFax has a vast-spread work area in which it provides excellent services. CocoFax has made faxing a lot easier than before because there are no fax machines needed when you are using CocoFax to send and get your faxes. CocoFax itself is enough for you.

With CocoFax, you also don’t need to worry about the device constraints because you can fax from any device you like. Yes, either you use a computer, laptop or even mobile phones, CocoFax allows you to send your faxes from any gadget of your choice.

Receiving Faxes with CocoFax

CocoFax incorporates top of the line features in order to let its customers receive faxes through the web. It has made the process much easier and trouble-free than before. That is why millions of its clients love to use CocoFax.

Earlier, when faxing was a troublesome task done through fax machines, receiving faxes was more than a hassle and problem. You had to keep your fax machine on all the time in order to receive all your faxes. Otherwise, you would miss some of your faxes. At the time when your machine was turned off, faxes had no place to come so they were lost halfway through and this way you would lose your important documents.

But this is definitely not the case with CocoFax as convenience and ease is their ultimate goal. With CocoFax, you will not lose even a single one of your documents as it is the safest way to receive faxes from all over the globe.

  1.     CocoFax Online Dashboard

CocoFax provides you with the facility of your personal online dashboard that you can access anywhere anytime. All your faxes will reside there. You can use this feature of the dashboard only when you have signed in to CocoFax. After registering yourself up, you will directly be taken to your dashboard where all your received faxes will be present.

Even when you are not signed in to your CocoFax account, your faxes will not be lost but in fact, will be saved in the dashboard and whenever log in to your account, all of your received faxes will be there and you can forward them, open them or do whatever you want.

  1.     CocoFax Fax-to-Email Service

This is another excellent and most convenient way through which you can, without much of a stress, receive faxes from around the world. As the name indicates, this feature of CocoFax lets you get all your faxes on your email(Gmail or any other). If you want to know how to send a fax from Gmail, you can check this guide.

Yes, just like you receive your regular emails, in the same way, you will get all your faxes on your email address. If you want to use this feature of CocoFax, provide your email id on which you intend to receive all your faxes.

Final Notes

Well, that is definitely not all because CocoFax superb features are not just limited here. To find out all about this fantastic fax service and to benefit from the features and highlights that it provides, you must start using it right away.

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