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Get Custom Mustang GT Tunes to Boost Your Car’s Performance

One of the most effective ways to upgrade your car’s performance involves making adjustments to the built-in computer. This process is called tuning, and it’s the method of reconfiguring your car’s software to increase horsepower and torque. Because tuning is a proven method for boosting a car’s performance, it’s a popular practice for owners of sports cars; for example, Ford customers would look to get custom Mustang GT tunes.

Whether a driver’s goal is to use custom tuners from haltech to improve your car’s speed, fuel efficiency or horsepower, it’s imperative to also know how often tuning should be done, the role of the car’s computer system in tuning and when to seek professional help.

The Purpose of Tuning

Before investing in custom tuners, it’s important to understand the purpose of tuning and what it means for your car. Almost all modern cars have computer systems built into them to monitor and control certain aspects of their performance and safety. Tuning uses a car’s software to make adjustments to specific performance areas.

For example, tuning can change boost levels, adjust the ignition timing, correct the air-fuel ratio, change the valve timing, and increasing the speedometer governor. Tuners can also add features like boost by gear and launch control, improve certain safety features and remove torque management. These adjustments all depend on a car’s software and a tuner’s capabilities.

Engine Control Unit

The engine control unit (ECU) is the system that gathers information from sensors inside the car to help the engine run smoothly. The ECU is a good place to start when improving performance since it uses gathered data to determine how much fuel to inject and when the spark plug is ignited.

Tuning can be done using the factory ECU or a replacement, “standalone,” ECU depending on the driver’s preference. There are many advantages to using a standalone ECU, such as allowing more control, adjustability and custom features. However, using a replacement ECU means starting from scratch to configure the sensor data.

How Often Tuning is Needed

Tuning isn’t like regular maintenance on a car; it’s only required when making significant changes to the vehicle’s performance. When upgrading or switching out parts to maximize horsepower and torque, tuning is necessary. Because upgrades to performance usually involved parts a car didn’t leave the factory with, it’s important to use the process of tuning to help the software correctly know how to work with the new parts.

While tuning can bring out the best in a car’s engine performance, improper tuning can cause serious damage to a car. It’s important to seek out professionals who have experience with tuning and a deep understanding of car computer systems.


Tuning is the process of adjusting a car’s software parameters to improve certain areas of performance, such as torque and horsepower. Adjusting the ECU first will give drivers a good idea of what changes they can make in the engine and once the initial changes are made, tuning will only be necessary when more changes are made to the car’s engine.

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