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Before & After A Smart Kitchen Transformation In Hell’s Kitchen

It is a place where everyone gathers to enjoy meals, make memories, and cook up stories, so your Kitchen needs to look beautiful and also useful. A kitchen renovation is one of the highest investments a homeowner can make, but a successful transformation can add delight to the owners.

The stainless steel objects in the Kitchen, the rustic chair and the wooden table looks too industrial and dull. Nowadays, people use all the space they get in the Kitchen to apply it in a useful way.

Karan and his wife Sikha, a newly married couple, bought a new house. The house was engineered beautifully, and it seems they liked the house quite a lot, but one thing they were not pleased about was the Kitchen, which did not look to be fancy and useful enough for them to be happy.

They did not like the old-styled Kitchen. So, they planned to remodel the Kitchen by their own choice. The old cabinets needed a chic update, but the vintage stove had too much charm to get rid of. They got this idea via a Facebook page here.

They improved the fronts and removed the Formica counters and dark backsplash in favour of marbles and bright white subway tiles. Permanent fixtures and a poorly planned layout was something to look after during the resigning.

Brass pin pulls, butcher block counterparts and a copper backsplash behind the range provides warmth to the all-new whitish-grey cabinets. Sikha replaced the out of favour cabinets with the dated wooden cabinets.

The outdated Kitchen wanted some old wooden cutting boards, the ‘shaker style barstools’ woven rush seats, and a faded antique wool runner to warm up the cool space. Although the Kitchen not big enough to put the appliances with no comfy chairs, after the remodelling, the new breakfast bar shrank the room’s size but boosted its storage.

The butcher block countertops and the large industrial and pendant lights kept low costs without sacrificing style. The couple had their goal to keep the kitchen rustic simplicity. An old table cloth was used as a skirt for the farmhouse sink, and glass canisters. The couple replaced the makeshift shelves with uniform rectangular units. A grey stove demands a severe change over the outdated model.

The couple loves to use the Rotimatic Roti maker, which is an appliance used for making bread and roti. Rotimatic is an automatic machine that measures the flour, add ingredients to it and kneads one dough ball at a time, then it presses the ball flat and roasts the roti until it’s puffed.

The appliance is mainly used because it saves your energy and time by making the perfect sized roti you want and the number of rotis you want. You can do all this with very little bit effort applied.

When they noticed the upper and lower cabinet units were both painted whitish-grey, then they opted to change the lower one with white linen colour. You can also buy new whitish-grey cabinets to spruce up your kitchen decor.

According to the couple’s planning, the project included upgrading dated linoleum with bright white subway tiles was laid at an angle to glance the charming look of an old pharmacy. Before, the Kitchen looked unfinished and needed a lot of work.

The refrigerator was put elsewhere to create a functional ‘work triangle’ Industrial lights from a salvage shop can glow the Kitchen’s dining area, which boasts the cabinet with beautiful woodwork. The couple rethought the room’s configuration and put a cottage design, the Kitchen after renovation is as smart and stylish.

Of the above all things that they have applied, Rotimatic is their favourite kitchen device. You can too get for yourself via an online store as it might be unavailable in your local shops. You can take help from these rotimatic reviews to decide the best place from where you can buy.

They needed a plan to connect the Kitchen and the dining room due to the wall separating the two. The homeowners added two large windows to further expand the visual appeal. Before planning a renovation, the couple once thought of purchasing the house and find a new one, but they were never sure of leaving the house, which was beautiful except the Kitchen, so they decided to remodel the Kitchen.

So, Karan and his wife Sikha have a new kitchen that’s more stylish, useful, and connected to the rest of their home. Now they are happier after finally getting the result they wanted by rearranging, painting the cabinets, replacing the tiled surfaces and upgrading to new appliances. Brighter looking, efficient space was created without the high budget and no demolition.

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