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The Technology Inside the New Vauxhall Astra

Car technology has evolved at an incredible rate in recent times and can greatly improve automobiles by making them perform to a higher standard, more comfortable, safer and more enjoyable to drive. One car which is packed full of impressive technology is the new Vauxhall Astra and it is certainly a car that is worth taking a closer look at by anyone in the market for a new car. So, what kind of tech will you find in the new Astra?

Smart Lighting

It is frustrating to constantly have to be wary when using your lights while keeping an eye on the road when visibility is low, but this is not an issue with Vauxhall’s IntelliLux LED Matrix Light. This smart lighting automatically adjusts to oncoming traffic, allowing you to focus purely on the road ahead without having to worry about blinding fellow road users while still being able to drive safely when visibility is low.

Rear View Camera

Reversing can be stressful, especially in tight spots where you need to be extra careful and this is an area that can cause many inexperienced drivers a great deal of anxiety. Instead of craning your neck and guessing how much space you have, the new Astra comes with a rearview camera with a live video display which allows you to take the guesswork out of reversing and make sure that you can see exactly what is behind you with ease. This should help to take the stress out of reversing while also making it a task that is much easier to manage, especially if this is an area that you often struggle with.

Advanced Park Assist

If you find parking difficult and/or stressful then the new Vauxhall Astra will certainly be worth a look due to the excellent Advanced Park Assist feature. This will guide you all the way through parking the car utilising smart parking features to guide you into even the tightest of spots with ease. Parallel parking is a manoeuvre that can cause even an experienced motorists a great deal of stress but this is no longer an issue with this handy feature of the new Astra.

Forward Collision Alert & Automatic City Emergency Braking

Forward Collision Alert is an impressive safety feature constantly which scans the road ahead of you and will then send you an alert to avoid a collision. Similarly, Automatic City Emergency Braking scans traffic ahead of you and will help the driver to brake more quickly and effectively if a collision is imminent. Safety features like this can save lives, stop accidents from occurring and help motorists to feel much safer when behind the wheel.

Emergency Call Feature

If you are involved in an accident then the new Astra can come to the rescue with an emergency call feature. If the car senses that the emergency services are needed (such as the airbags are deployed) then it can automatically dial 999 and send you location (you can also press the button yourself if needed).

Multimedia Navi Pro

Connectivity is hugely important in today’s day and age and the new Corsa has a superb Multimedia Navi Pro system which helps you to control just about all aspects of your surroundings with a cool built-in 8 inch colour touchscreen. This can greatly improve the experience of the driver and passengers and make long car journeys much more comfortable and enjoyable.

LED Lights

In today’s day and age, people are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and looking for ways that they can reduce their environmental impact. The new Astra comes with sleek looking LED headlights which not only make the car much more attractive but also energy-saving thanks to the progressive technology. You are not compromising on quality either as the LED lights are powerful and efficient so that visibility is never an issue with this car.

Redesigned 3D Radiator Grille

Following this point, the new Astra is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles in its class which is, in part, due to the impressive redesigned 3D radiator grille. The grille features upper and lower sections which automatically open and close which helps to improve the airflow and increase efficiency.

Heated Features

Driving in the cold winter months is made much easier and more comfortable behind the wheel of the new Astra. It features both heated seats and a heated steering wheel along with a heated windscreen which allows you to quickly and easily defrost the windscreen at the push of a button – no more freezing mornings spent trying to scrape the ice of the windscreen before work.

These are just a few of the best tech features that you will find in the impressive new Astra. This trendy hatchback is a brilliant car which will appeal to many types of motorist and the great tech will enhance the experience behind the wheel in many ways.

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