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10 Steps to Get More Likes on Your Brand’s Facebook Page

Facebook marketing is about one of the most utilized online marketing strategies available. With a large user base – over 60 million users at that – and the ability to target from this vast pool which are is your target audience, Facebook has proven to be a useful marketing platform.

The easiest way to check the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing initiatives is by checking the number of likes your brand’s page has. Do a quick check now and see if you’re satisfied with your current standing. Are you happy with the results? That’s great. If you are not, don’t worry, we always start somewhere.

Whether you’ve already met your desired number of likes, of you’re still working on getting there, it would be great to get a boost that can encourage your target audience to like your page. To achieve that, here are 10 steps that you should take:

1. Set Clear Objectives

Before you proceed with any action, coming up with a plan is always recommended. And the formulation of a plan starts with setting clear objectives. It’s always best to know your purpose so you can strategize all your actions to meet what you expect to accomplish.

If you are already satisfied with your current likes standing, then you probably don’t need to be much aggressive. At the very least, you just need to ensure that you retain your current likers. But getting even more likes won’t hurt, right?

If you do need a jump in the number of likes your brand’s page commands, then you’ll have to work harder.

At any rate, always remember that objectives should be SMART. That means that they should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Set smart objectives so you can always check if you’re on the right track as you move forward.

2. Revamp your Facebook Page Info

When a Facebook user visits your page, the first thing they’ll see would be you your brand’s page’s profile picture, cover image, and the description you set. These three have an impact to whether your page’s visitors would still scroll down and see the content you post.

First of all, ensure that you are able to convince your visitors that you are the real thing. Use your brand’s logo as a picture, as well as a related cover image.

Also provide as much information you can on the description. Also insert what your business is all about. For example, if you are a business based in a specific country specializing in web design, write “Web Designer + Your Country”.

Moreover, try to fill in your website, your business address, your phone numbers, and operating hours.

3. Monitor your Competitors’ Pages

Smart business leaders know the value of being aware of your competitors and what they are doing. Doing this will help you assess their strategies, which you can then compare with your own. Come up with a technique that pools all the effective strategies. However, be sensitive enough not to replicate their strategies entirely. Take inspiration from these, add your own touch.

Facebook’s Insights feature helps you determine competitors. Inside the Insights tab, you’ll see the Pages to Watch portion which will provide a list of pages that are similar with yours, and how you compare with them in terms of number of likes and engagements. Prioritize assessing pages that rank higher than you. What are they doing that you are not? Would you be able to do something similar to what they’re doing? Can you do something better? Would you be able to go above them?

4. Come up with Compelling Content using Images and Videos

The quality of the content you post plays a crucial role on why Facebook users would like your page. Text alone won’t be able to incite as much engagement so working with images and videos can help your content gain the attention it deserves.

Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm displays on the newsfeed of a user’s friends what content that user had engagement with. Furthermore, Edgerank is said to be going towards tracking the length of time users stay on any post so it would be great if you can engage users longer using images and especially videos. Do remember, however, that it’s not about just any photo or clip – it’s about using compelling ones.

5. Be Active and Engaging

If you would really like to make your mark in Facebook marketing, make sure that you work hard for it. And this means that you should be able to regularly post quality content. It would not help if you go on hiatus every now and then. What earns likers is when users appreciate your usual presence because you provide worthwhile content.

Studies have shown that posting at least thrice a week is enough. As to what days of the week you should post, Facebook’s Insights feature can also be of use. After clicking Insights, go to Posts, then to When Your Fans are Online. This will show you the activity of your likers. Post on days and times when they are most active. But of course, if you can post more, that would be great. Don’t overdo it by posting hourly though!

6. Promote to other Social Media Platforms

While Facebook is one of the most utilized social media marketing platforms, it’s not the only one. If you also maintain other platforms, take the time in inviting your followers to also like your Facebook page. Your followers won’t always find you in Facebook so widen the opportunity and try to reach out across all social media platforms.

Among all other social networking sites, Instagram best interact with Facebook. Instagram also commands the highest user engagement because it is high on visual content. Invite your followers to like your Facebook page as well.

7. Facebook Ads is a Must

The use of paid Facebook ads has ballooned over the past few years, especially because of how helpful it is. It has also made organically earning like a bit more difficult than in the past.

Facebook Ads allow you to appeal to specific audience, so you are able to target your chosen market. You can set your desired demographic and this will allow you to have greater chances of having an effective marketing campaign.

Targeting sets apart digital marketing from traditional means, and that’s what makes it better. So utilize Facebook ads now and enjoy its benefits.

8. Try to Conduct Contest and Giveaways

Gimmicks can also find their way to Facebook and believe it or not, they actually work. Holding contests and giveaway events can elicit interest on your brand, which in the end, help you reach your goal of earning a lot of likes.

In its simplest form, you can ask users to like your page to win a prize. Make sure though that you really provide a prize to a random user. Make sure to announce the winner to let them know that you weren’t tricking them to just liking your page. Also make sure that your prize is exciting enough.

You can also hold some other activities such as getting the most likes for a photo, or sharing an experience with your product. While liking a page first before being able to like a post is a thing of the past, it would still be great that users are driven to your page so you can capture them through some other ways.

9. Don’t Forget to Utilize Call-to-Action Buttons

Call-to-action has been proven as effective tools to help users go the direction you want them to take – in this case, it’s liking your page. Don’t forget to ask your audience to like your page.

There are also other calls-to-action like commenting and sharing, which both increase your engagement. For wherever you would like to lead your audience, call to action helps.

10. An Effective Tactic Hidden in Plain Sight

An effective tactic has been hiding from plain sight. If you click on the summary of those who reacted to any of your content, you would see that you can actually invite them to like your page. However, you’ll need to press the invite button one by one, and the number of invitations you can send each day is limited. A workaround for this, is that the limit is multiplied per number of user of your brand’s page.

11. Follow these 10 ways to earn more likes for your Brand’s Facebook Page

These 10 tips can help increase the number of likes that your brand commands. Again, you’ll really need to work on it if you want to earn the likes you aim to achieve. Doing the above recommendations can help you do just that. Always remember that expending your efforts would pay off later on. Do your best and get the likes you deserve!

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