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Published on March 10th, 2015 | by Guest


Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers for Your Channel?

YouTube is a powerful marketing medium. That being said, you need subscribers. They’re the people who are more likely to watch your content as soon as you post it, and then share it with their own subscribers. The more people you have following your channel, the bigger the reach you have. You also look more popular, so people are going to follow you for that reason.

With that knowledge, many people consider to buy YouTube subscribers. There are a lot of places that you can do this, and it doesn’t even have to cost that much. However, before you start, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of doing this.

It Makes You Look More Popular

Buying subscribers for your channel certainly makes you look more popular than you really are. This can often help you get more legitimate, organic followers. People sometimes look at the number of people already following your channel. A high number means that you offer great content that is well worth watching.

You could soon increase your reach organically by getting a few thousands subscribers.


It Doesn’t Cost Too Much

There are now plenty of companies offering these types of services, and they don’t cost that much. In some cases, you can find $10 for 10,000 subscribers.

However, it is worth looking into the type of subscribers you will get. Are they targeted? Are they real? The more valuable the followers you will gain, the more it will cost. This is something worth considering. Those that are targeted and real will make you more money from your videos than those that are bots just used to inflate your subscriber base.

You Can Lose Your Subscribers Quickly

This is one of the first downsides to buying YouTube subscribers. YouTube does a cull on bots. It will remove them, and that means you lose your subscribers quickly. If all you have is fake profiles following you, you’ll soon find that your number drops back to zero.

This is why checking out the type of subscribers you are paying for is important. You want to find those that offer real YouTube channels and accounts. YouTube won’t remove them, so you’re not likely to see your numbers drop so quickly after receiving them.

It’s Against the Terms of Service

Look through the YouTube terms of service carefully. Buying likes and subscribers is against it. This is an important downside to consider. If you are caught doing this, you could find your account is disabled and even removed.

As this is such common practice now, YouTube is looking out for it. If your subscriber base grows rapidly, you will let off warning flags. Do you really want to lose your account over this?

It’s important to assess all the positives and negatives of buying YouTube subscribers. Yes, it could be a great way to get a lot of subscribers quickly, but you need to consider the terms of service. Is it really worth that risk of losing your channel completely?

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