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Top 10 Technologies for Business Success

Regardless of scale or industry, technology is what drives us forward. If you own any sort of business, then you should always be aware of emerging tech that’s poised to make a difference. It can be this tech that improves your team’s collaborative abilities and positively impacts your bottom line.

The use of emerging technologies for business can accelerate various processes. It allows for newfound flexibility, making communication easy. It can also secure your business data, improve customer care, and more.

Let’s go over ten of the top technologies in business that are particularly helpful at the moment if you own a small company and wish to stay ahead of your competitors.

Augmented Reality Devices

No conversation about new technologies for business would be complete without discussing augmented reality. Business ideas are better acknowledged when they are shown rather than described. That is part of what makes this tech so appealing, as demonstrated by products like Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses. The company recently announced that this AR headset would be available early next year.

Businesses can use augmented reality devices like the HoloLens to show off designs, work together remotely, and develop tools in relation to the real world. Such devices offer a unique opportunity to bring products and information to life.

Video and Wireless Conference Rooms

Establishing the right video application for meeting with your partners, clients, or workers is a must these days. That is why every company must choose or develop a video or wireless conferencing system.

Each company is adopting a wireless meeting solution that connects offices, team members, and clients, no matter how far away or near they are. These internet technologies for business are not particularly expensive, but their practical use is self-evident.

Cloud Computing

Most people aren’t fully aware of the purpose of cloud technology. Cloud computing sets up a centralized information database system. It can be accessed through your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other Internet-enabled device. This makes it some of the most innovative technology currently in existence.

Despite its popularity, some companies have failed to adopt cloud computing up to this point. However, it could help them improve their products, services, and internal communications. Through the implementation of this tech, entire workforces can connect. They can more easily share any data or materials that are needed for a project.

Wearable Technology

Some wearable technology, like Google Glass, has failed to catch on. Smartwatches, though, have been a success. This tech has changed the way people interact with the world around them.

Most of these wearable devices are dedicated to health and fitness tracking. Through them, businesses have a new opportunity to encourage healthy and active lifestyles for their employees, which will make for a happier workforce.

Artificial Intelligence

AI market continues expansion on other industries and reaches an unpredictable $14.69B in 2019.

Hence, AI influences significantly on the way how customers interact with businesses via intelligent websites and bots. Such tools are growing increasingly commoditized and integrated into daily work.

AI improves decision-making speed and accuracy, data security, and employee output and training. It allows for more capable staff, efficient issue resolution, better-qualified sales leads, and systems that feed real-time data back in for future process and product improvements. Companies that employ AI technologies can use resources with greater efficiency. Also, costs are reduced as investment and competition increase within the AI realm.

Some people view AI as a disruptive technology, but that is a myopic viewpoint to take. The reality is that it’s going to be tremendously helpful to the human race over the next few decades.


The rise of 5G networks is increasing our ability to manipulate, move, and analyze data across wireless platforms, according to CompTIA. 5G is going to roll out more fully in the coming years. As it does, it will drive the development of more sophisticated apps to increase industry growth and solve problems.


More organizations are exploring and implementing blockchain. They are doing so to secure and manage transactions across the internet. A blockchain is a form of technology innovation that solves many different security problems for your business.

“Blockchain came down crushing from its peak of the hype cycle, and that’s probably for the best,” said Julia Moiseeva, a member of the community’s leadership group and founder of CLaaS (C-Level as a Service) Management Solutions Ltd. Especially, if your business is related to customers sensitive data using blockchain encryption can protect your clients’ data from any potentials attacks or data breaches. That’s why blockchain applications in healthcare or finance have got incremental growth as it can prevent the data breaches that can cost highly for these types of businesses.

The Internet of Things

From smart lights to connected security cameras, IoT offers a wide range of consumer-oriented technologies. Companies are using devices such as connected sensors and cameras to monitor productivity and efficiency.

As IoT grows within the workplace, it will speed up employee mobility. It will also allow team members to be more productive, whether they are working on-site or remotely. If you pay attention to technology news, you may have noticed that much of it these days is about IoT ideas in real estate business, especially.

3D Printing

Several new technologies companies are getting into 3D printing. It offers the solution for low-volume manufacturing of complex parts, and also fast local production of difficult-to-find resources. As more affordable products become available through this avenue, we should see more companies and industries adopt this tech.

Machine Learning for Customer Service

With the rapid enhancements in machine learning that are taking place, customer service professionals can be more effective than ever in their jobs. Big players are acquiring AI technology companies. As this trend continues, look for machine learning and the customer service industry to become more and more deeply integrated.

It’s never possible to predict precisely how technology will affect your business or workforce. However, technologies impact various niches whether we want them to or not, so it’s best to keep an open mind. Innovations and technology go hand-in-hand.

New tech innovations are nothing of which you need to be afraid. The better you become at embracing them, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to stay ahead of your competitors and grow your business.

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