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Games that help you be happier and healthier than you imagined

Believe it or not, video games can do a lot more to our brains than just entertain – they successfully open our minds to greatness. That’s correct – games can foster new ideas, help develop positive habits, and even heal our souls. Some studies have managed to prove that video gaming can boost and strengthen brain power. A recent discovery demonstrated that racing games have the power to revitalize the brain of an 80-year old individual and make it act like the brain of a 20-year old. This wonder game is known as StarCraft, and it enhances mental flexibility. There are other beautiful video games out there are can make us healthier and happier; let’s check them out.



Available on Android and iOS, Uplifted is the antidote to a better, more fulfilling lifestyle. Your job in the game is to restore happiness and make the fictional world of Happ an excellent place to live again. The game helps the player reflect on real things that can make him happy and brighten his day. Throughout the game you’ll have to surpass various levels and answer some vital questions regarding happiness. Uplifted focuses on the positive aspects of a player’s life and it rewards them for each successfully completed challenge.


SuperSight helps players overcome all their anxieties and fears. The game is a point-and-click, fast-paced fighting game whose purpose is to teach problem-solving tactics. Wise-Guy is the in-game mentor of SuperSight, and his job is to train players and teach them essential battling techniques. For instance, if you have to deal with the Fearlines group, Wise-Guy will suggest you to annihilate the leader first and then attack its subordinates. It’s a great game to play because it is focused on real-life problems too where you have to deal with all sorts of issues that might overwhelm you.


Journey is an excellent video game to try out if you want to be happier and feel more appreciated. We all want to have positive interactions in real life, and feel esteemed by those around us. That’s exactly what Journey tries to emphasize and although the game doesn’t allow you to customize your character’s appearance and add a bunch of information on your main profile, it does have a social aspect you’ll certainly love. Players can communicate with other avatars in the game using the single musical call. In spite of these limited methods, most gamers have been extremely satisfied with Journey because it allows sharing items with people you know nothing about. The closeness between two anonymous players helped a lot of people bond and interacts a lot more than if they had known with whom they were chatting.

Zombies, Run!

Although we all know that working out is good for the mind and soul, sometimes we need some encouragement to get things started. Zombies Run is just what you need – players are challenged to outrun a hoard of zombies as they work out monitoring their pace with an accelerometer. The mission of the game is to help society stay alive after the zombie outbreak. The video game is available on Android and iOS, and it mixes unyielding encouragement with adrenaline-fuelled, terrifying chase scenes similar to the most notorious horror movies.

There’s no doubt that some video games can make us happy and keep us healthier. Starting from the most adventurous racing games to the most motivational, there’s no doubt that the gaming industry has the great power of entertaining our brains and making our minds more fulfilling. Embrace them, try them out and see for yourself if they can actually influence and improve your behaviour.

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