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Published on May 25th, 2018 | by Guest


OnePlus 6: Journey to 6 [Infographic]

Traditionally brands have relied on their heritage and history for the success of their products. Others leverage the success of Superstars to sell their products. But the brand we are going to talk about today is not traditional, it’s modern and young. Naturally they would be different and hence relied on viral marketing. They needed fans to embrace the brand in hordes and buy whatever they were going to sell. Some of their ideas backfired but overall it was a grand success and we witnessed the genesis of “OnePlus”.

OnePlus has since maintained their non-traditional ways. Going all shock and awe against flagships priced twice or thrice its price. With the OnePlus One, their very first phone we got terms like flagship-killer, developer-friendly, and invite-only sales. Before most established brands could even comprehend what was going on, OnePlus had already sold a million units. That many sales for a tiny startup that didn’t even have the manufacturing prowess like Apple and Samsung was staggering.

OnePlus’ latest iteration is the OnePlus 6, which takes an evolutionary step. It added subtle improvements to the camera, processor and design. Also included is a somewhat controversial design touch, the infamous notch. However, OnePlus’ run this time may not be a cakewalk with competitors like Honor’s 10 and Xiaomi’s Mi8. How the OnePlus 6 performs, only time will tell.

The OnePlus 6 launch meant it was an opportune moment to revisit the older phones from OnePlus to see how they left a mark with their uniqueness. We had a cool infographic sent over by the team at The infographic beautifully illustrates the journey of the OnePlus from their very first device to the latest one. So do check out the infographic and tell us about your favorite OnePlus phone.


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