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The top 5 trends in computer gaming in 2018

Computer gaming has come a long way, and is becoming more complex thanks to advances in graphics technologies. Thanks to these advances in technology, gaming trends are changing so fast too. We are now in an era in gaming where e-sport personalities are as popular as their counterparts in real sports such as soccer, and basketball. This was unthinkable a few years back. To give you an idea of where the world is, in gaming, here are the top 5 trends in computer gaming in 2018.

1. CS: GO gambling is growing in popularity

Though controversial, cs go gambling has become quite popular in the last few years. The popularity of this form of gaming comes from the fact that it allows people to bet in-game items on real-world scenarios. These in-game items, commonly referred to as skins, are now so popular that some of them are valued at thousands of dollars in real money.

2. Indie games are a big deal

Indie games are computer games that are not attached to any major gaming corporation. These games are becoming more popular in 2018, thanks to the versatility that they give to game developers. With the rise of blockchain technology, game developers like most other people in tech want more control, and that’s why indie games have grown so much in popularity. As more game developers choose to work independently, indie games will continue to be a dominant force in computer gaming all through 2018.

3. VR games are growing in popularity

Virtual reality technology has grown quite steadily in the last few years, and seems to have edged close to perfection in 2018. It is growing so fast that it is projected to hit $45 billion in the next decade. The main reason why it is growing so fast is because of the element of realism that it brings into gaming. Some VR headsets available in the market today are so advanced that it impossible to differentiate between the real and the virtual world. As this technology gets better, it will become even more popular in 2018 and beyond.

4. AR gaming is going big

While Pokémon Go faded out of the market, augmented reality gaming is still quite popular in 2018. People still enjoy games that blend in with their environments. It adds to the fun. This is likely to continue growing in popularity throughout the year and beyond, as AR becomes more refined.

5. Esports are big in 2018

Esports competitions where video game players compete in international tournaments have become a major hit in 2018. This form of gaming is growing so fast that it has created celebrities of the same stature as ballplayers, especially in the Far East. Esports are not just popular in 2018, it is expected that they will continue to grow, and hit over $1.5 billion in the next 2 years. Research shows that more young people enjoy watching esports over traditional sports, and that’s where the growth will come from.

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