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6 Major Tips for Having an Explanatory Business Video for Your Organization This 2016

Explanatory business videos are videos that help you demonstrate how you could use a specific product or service of your organization, providing a big boost for your brand. While creating an effective business video for your organization you would here need to make sure that it’s really going to offer you with some great benefits and appeal to your target customers. Below given are the five major ideas and strategies that would help you create an explanatory business video for your brand.

Focussing on the benefits of your marketing audience: While creating an explanatory business for your marketing audience, your video should here focus on what your product and service has to offer for all your customers, and not all things that your product could actually do. Remember your customers are watching the business video because they want to see what your products and services can do for them. This entire strategy would help you set your offering apart from the competition.

Going beyond the scenes: Online business videos are an opportunity to put a face on your brand. When you show your customers what is happening behind the scenes of your business, you could here help them realize that you have been offering them more than a product and service. There are many different ways where you could create behind the scenes business videos. You can here have a series of staff interviews, create a daily life scenario, doing a walk through your entire office, production floor or warehouse and many more.

Do not make your business video too long: Have your business videos kept sweet and simple. The best explanatory business videos would here are generally between 60 seconds or max to max three minutes long.  Remember your viewers are busy and the internet is an impatient place. Viewers are here willing to spend more than 3 minutes on your business video if and only you have something useful and beneficial for them to have and see.

Finding the right voice for your business video: As you begin to tell your story, do make sure that your voice fits into your brand along with the brand image. You know who your marketing audience are, how well are they going to respond to the comedy, or they want something that is a bit more elegant and stylish. Remember try and keep your business video voice a bit consistent to your brand.

Showing how you could help your customers: As you begin writing your scripts try and focus on how your products and services could help your clients and customers. Instead of just showing the features talk about the benefits your product could lead them too. Have the story of your business video focused on how you can help them when they come forward and choose your products and services.

Researching similar ideas but keeping them simple: When you are looking out for ideas for your business videos, it is considered to be helpful to look at what your viewers have been searching for and what the others related to your industry are doing. Try and get some inspirational things like the format but do make sure that the content looks actual and the tone of your business video is completely original.

To conclude try and keep these simple tips in mind while creating an explanatory business video for your business organization, as this would not just keep your audience engaged but would also drive in more conversion rates.


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Claudia Metura is an expert in the IT industry with over 12 years of experience. She has collaborated with various companies to work on improving Enterprise Online Video Platform.

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