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How You Can Use Time Tracking Software to Improve Productivity at Workplace

As someone rightly said, “If you can’t measure it, then you can not improve it.” This is so true in terms of productivity. If you can’t measure how productive you are then how can you improve it? A few experts believe that things can be improved if they can be measured in the first place. With the abundance of high-end technology that is available to every one of us currently, it can pretty stupendous if you fathom the number of things that can be actually tracked.

There are many business today that use timesheets to bill their clients. Right from IT companies to law firms, they utilize the number of hours logged by their staff to make invoices for their clients.

On an average, 13 hours are spent on reading emails every week

A study found that on an average, employees are spending 13 hours every week on reading emails and that is an undeniably huge number. Nevertheless, many firms deny the fact that it can’t be added to the invoice of clients, frequently, employees spend a considerable amount of time on just reading and replying to the emails. This actually could be utilized to other work related stuff such as communicate with clients, briefing them projects status, etc. The time spent by employees on emails could be billed to clients that may get you the revenue but in long term, it could be dangerous for your business.

Understanding who your important customers are will assist you in taking better business-driven decisions. Maintaining a timesheet of your employees, who’s working on what will give you better insights and also finish the project on or in time.

When it comes to improving productivity at the workplace, there is only one metric that can actually improve it and that is your time.

Time – A Powerful Metrics to Improve Productivity

How much you produce equals to how much you make or your business. Maybe that is why many businesses around the globe many times have said that improved productivity is one of the main reasons for their success. Everyone wants to improve their productivity. But how? Time tracking software is one of the strategies that work exceptionally good when it comes to improving your and your employee’s productivity.

With a good tracker, can you not only track time of your staff but also an idea about who’s project completed and who’s not. Of course, there is a hell of a lot of softwares for businesses to choose from but the question that arises for many is that is it really worth? Well, the answer really depends on how badly do want to improve your employees’ productivity.

Self-Illustration Effect

Everybody thinks that they are spending enough time or time that is required but that perception can be broken when they actually track their time and I am pretty sure they will be amazed at how much time they are wasting on things that are less important. A time tracker provides powerful insights that are helpful for your employees in deciding what tasks are important and what not. This can provide self-illustration insights that can show the great result in increasing productivity.

Accurate Customer / Client Billing

If you especially deal with clients who pay on time you spent on each task or project then this can be a bridge that acts as transparency between you and your clients. When you provide your clients a proof that shows how many hours you worked on each project then they can kind of build trust and can go a long way for both of you. For instance, your client can assess prospective budget by looking at how much time or how many hours you actually spent on tasks like advertising, campaign planning, etc. if you are a marketing agency. Just like that, any business can provide accurate billing with the total exact time that was spent on working on a particular project.

Reverse Engineering of What’s Gone Wrong

We all agree that we make mistakes at some or the other point. It could be an advertising campaign or miscommunication, the software can you in detecting what went wrong and when. Let’s say, one of your employees used a poor copywriting for a marketing campaign and the assigned project manager can look at the time report that was provided by the software to check whether the mistake happened to a lack of time, assigned it to the wrong employee, or something else. This kind of software will help you in rectifying some of your mistakes just by analyzing the time sheet. This way, even your clients will be happier to work with you.

Already Proved by Many Businesses

There are several businesses who truly got benefitted and improvement in productivity after trying time tracking software. One such true case is Fisher Vista. A marketing and media relations agency reaped the benefits from this very software that resulted in enhanced time management, a significant reduction in revenue leakage, and many others.

The company vice president, Adriana Saldana said, “The software gave me a whopping 85% improvement in workforce productivity with priceless time back. The time that is worth spent on billable assignments.” She also added, “After implementing the tracking system, it instantly gave some peace, knowing that my billing would be accurate, employees were completely productive and now I can fully focus on my business.”

Implemented. Now What?

It is essential for entrepreneurs to not to overreact or bother to small samples. Any business will face a situation where employees will perform differently in every week due to workload. Before you make your own assumptions and judgment, you need to wait and analyze at least 4 to 6 weeks data as it provides enough sample to see whether it is working or not. Not every employee is same. Some employees quickly adapt to the new system or changes in the system while a few need time to adjust and know how it works.

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