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From Field To Plate: Chronicling The Journey Of Food [Infographic]

Food photography is one of the most popular branches of photography, and the market is saturated with new and experienced photographers who specialise in capturing mouth-watering images of food and drink for use in packaging, advertising, and marketing. However, the majority of these photographs only show the final stage of the food or drink in its most perfect and tailored form.

Field to plate photography, on the other hand, shows not only the final product, but also the journey it has taken to reach the plate, bowl, glass, or cup. For a field to plate photographer, it’s less about the final product, and more about the people behind each stage of the product. For example, rather than simply photographing a perfectly baked loaf of bread presented impersonally on a wooden board, or sliced and buttered on a plate, the photographer will capture the baker as they mix the dough, knead it to perfection, and lovingly remove it from the oven to cool.

This style of photography is perfect for artisans who want to promote their craft as it shows the face behind the produce and adds a real touch of locality, familiarity, and rustic appeal to the handcrafted bread, chocolates, craft ale or whatever the product may be.

If you have an interest in food photography and want to develop your interest further by trying your hand at field to plate photography, this handy infographic from the experts at Mark Lord Photography offers up seven great tips to help you get started…

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