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Published on November 20th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


Android or iOS for gaming?

There is a big divide with smartphone preferences these days. Purchasing an Android or iOS phone is a big decision and with good reason. The debate for which is better has gone on for many years and will no doubt continue for many more.

Many games are designed with a specific audience in mind, meaning that sometimes iOS users will not be able to enjoy the slot games provided on an Android marketplace. Many factors can sway your decision to choose sides, and here we will discuss some of the pros and cons of each operating system.



The iPhone has been somewhat of a global epidemic. A little over 10 years ago, Apple released its first iPhone, which is crazy because it seems like they have been around much longer. The smartphone now has millions of users, with hundreds queueing up outside stores awaiting the latest release each year.

The iPhone has come under some scrutiny in recent years, with the latest software downloads taking up too much memory on the older models, causing them to slow down, but Apple has encouraged people to update their phones to prevent the issue.

For gamers, this is a huge problem as some of their beloved games need a lot of space, but it isn’t the only issue iOS users face. Last year, Apple removed thousands of gambling apps after changing its laws so that players could take part in online gambling safely. Regular online casino players came to the sudden realisation that their beloved online Roulette game no longer existed. Those who loved playing online slots had to find a new game they enjoyed overnight.

iOS does have one saving grace. Due to only designing the game for two platforms (iPad and iPhone), gaming developers manage to release a game for iOS much faster than Android. Due to Apple’s restrictive laws, the games produced are created at a high quality to ensure they last on iOS devices.


Although other mobile phones were established long before Apple’s iPhone was introduced, the Android operating system was released after the first iPhone. In September 2008, a response was made for all smartphone users who didn’t want to spend thousands of pounds on an iPhone but still wanted to enjoy all the perks of a touchscreen phone.

Due to Android being available on many different phone brands including Samsung, Nokia and Motorola, games are released on to the system at a much slower rate. Each game has to be compatible with several types of phone, each one working differently to the next. For this reason, Android users have to wait a long time before they can play the game that their iPhone friends have been playing for weeks.

But, many users will say that Android is a better platform because they care more about their customers. If the operating system (iOS) and the mobile device (iPhone) belong to the same one company with no other partners, it is easier for them to make money from a customer by hiking up prices and causing new software to eat up memory.

Android users also have more money in their pockets by buying these games. Not only is the price of an Android phone much less than the latest iPhone, but the games on the operating system tend to be less expensive too.

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