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Unconventional methods to Enhance Your Security

The last decade has seen an explosion of cyber related crime. Cyber criminals are the kind of thieves who will stop at nothing to earn quick and easy money, and what’s worst – they are the last people you’d expect.

The days of Wild West style of grab’n run are over, and crimes which which required a lot of hours and money, for planning – are gone.

Today, a cyber-thief can comfortably steal from the comfort of his/her bedroom, or even casually walking to the shops.

There are many methods they use but the biggest source is the internet.  This is because many people are embracing the virtue of online accounting which makes them easy targets. But how can you protect yourself from these criminals?

There are many protective devices created by security firms to protect your personal computer from any attack. Even so, they are not enough to completely block the thieves away. The matter of personal security boils down to you. The rather unconventional ways of improving your security is the key to making your finances and personal information safe. Some of these methods include;

Having Complex Passwords

Passwords are the leeway to any account. They are the key to your personal information and money in account. It is for this reason that many cyber thieves try as much as possible to hack your password in order to gain access to your account. It is the easiest option for them. However, many people are making the thieves’ work easier. This is because they use rather common passwords like their birth dates and names. In order to be successful at making the hacker’s task even harder, it is important to create a more complex password. This may include a combination of numbers and letters. Also, it is important to change the passwords every now and then.

RID Blocking wallet

RFID blocking wallets are specially designed wallets that are meant to protect your RID chip installed credit card from cloning. New credit cards are fitted with RIFD chips to make it easy for accessibility of information. However, cyber thieves have capitalized on this concept as an avenue for getting quick and easy cash. However, RID wallets prevent this by a great measure. They basically prevent any form of transmission of information.

Updating Software

There are myriads of antivirus software that are produces by many security companies like Norton and Kaspersky. These software are vital in preventing malware emails from hackers who use them as bait to get access into a personal computer. It is therefore important for to update these software regularly. This is because old software have many potholes that are easily accessible by the hackers. The new versions are updated and tougher than the preceding ones.

Constantly review your credit card and bank statements

As stated earlier, it is quite hard to know that your bank account or credit card has been compromised. In the case of credit cards, you could know that your credit card has been stolen and immediately report to the authorities. That is in the past. But advanced thieves clone your credit card and steal only the relevant information. Therefore you won’t have a glimpse of what has happened until all the money is gone. Also, your bank account can be hacked easily. The best thing therefore is to constantly monitor your bank and credit card statements in order to detect any foul play.

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