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Photostick: How to Use Photostick Mobile For Android Devices?

One of the drawbacks that we always face with our smartphones is the space to download new applications. Even if it is new or old at some point, it always lacks space for some new apps or maybe photos. At this point in time, a Photostick, which is a flash drive to store photos, acts as a lifesaver. Photostick mobile is developed for smartphones and also for tablets which you can carry around easily.

As a fact, this flash drive is compatible with iPhone 6 and with Android as well. So if you are looking for an answer to how you can use it for your Android devices, well, we are here to solve this query. In addition to it, you can check Photostick Mobile Review which will help you understand it better.

Does Photostick Work With Android Devices?

Photostick mobile device can easily work on Android devices as it is compatible with them. However, only those Android devices that have a minimum Android version 4.4 are compatible with Photostick devices. Android devices that have less than the 4.4 version are not available as of now, but if you have owned a mobile phone from ancient times, then only this particular device is not compatible.

What is Required to Run a Photostick Drive on Android?

Well, you cannot directly run the photo state drive on your Android mobile phone. You will need an application which is named TPS mobile that will help you to connect your Android phone with the Photostick device. You can download this particular application and follow the simple steps that will lead you to the connection.

How to use Photostick Mobile on Android Devices?

Well, a Photostick mobile device is connected with the help of a USB, and it can automatically copy all the photos from the phone or tablet on which it is connected. So in a way, you can use this particular drive to take backup of all the images that are stored on the device. Also, once the backup is taken, you can free up the space on your mobile and can use that space to download some other things. Well, you can follow the given steps to take the backup of your photos on the Photostick mobile.

Step 1- Get the Photostick mobile from its official website.

Step 2- Install free for all photo saver applications from Play Store.

Step 3- Connect one end of the drive to the charging port of your device.

Step 4- Open and launch the application.

Step 5- Now, select the Backup option from the main screen.

Step 6- Once it is done, wait for the photos to be transferred.

Step 7- When all the photos are done, you can easily disconnect the drive.

File Formats that Photostick Mobile Supports

Well, you cannot transfer all the files from your mobile to a flash drive because there are specific formats that can be stored on the drive. So, the compatible extensions are jpg, pct, raw, gif, ico, mov, png, bmp, wmv, tiff, avi, and mpeg4.

Features that Photostick Mobile possess for Android Devices

When it comes specifically to Android devices, the following are the features that Photostick device offers:

●     The device can be easily used

●     The 2.0 version of Photostick will take backup of photos and videos automatically from your Android device.

●     Cloud storage is free of cost.

●     All the photos and videos are stored safely on the drive

●     You can easily backup more than 20,000 photos and videos that are of standard size

●     You can also transfer your files from the drive to your PC

●     It also offers a guarantee of money-back within 30 days

Final Words

Photostick Mobile has proved to be beneficial and safer at the same time. So, if you are an Android user or an iPhone user, you can certainly purchase this to space up your devices. Moreover, it’s quite simple and easy to use and take backup of your photos and videos. For more details you can visit ixwallet.

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