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How Developers Can Build Better Mobile Applications

Developing and designing applications have proved to be the biggest trend. Millions of applications are being designed every other day. Though it has brought ease to our lives as everything is just one-click away, but such immeasurable demand of application has encouraged developers to design as many applications as possible.

Developing a mobile application is not a walk in the park, it is a tough job. There are many technical features which should be focused and incorporated while finalizing an application. All the Mobile app developers are in a tight race to win against other developers. But in this struggle, many of them are not focusing on some major issues. These issues are dwindling the standards of a professionally designed application.

There are three major platforms ruling over the world, today, – IOS, Windows, and Android. Applications should be designed keeping in mind the difference of all three interfaces. Similarly, functions like in-tab navigations are also used confusingly.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some chief aspects of applications that should be detected before finalizing.

Every Platform has its own uniqueness

Likewise, you can never think of green chilies to decorate a strawberry cupcake, the interface of IOS, Android, and Windows should be designed according to their own style. Same layout of application should not be appreciated. As you can see in the picture below:


Every interface is designed with some specific uniqueness. For a Layman’s eye, it looks simple, but it is surely not the case. This is what reflects professionalism. Where a beautiful IOS interface looks completely different and Android has a classy interface too; the amazing interface of Windows has its own worth.

The moment you decide to embark on your goal of designing the best app, you should take a moment to first nip down the particular requirements related to each of this platform. Don’t rush towards accomplishments, as it is the quality that matters most. One should know its target platform.

Power of Graphics

Everything needs to be fluoridated, whether it’s a cake or an application. The App Developers hires professional graphic designers to beautify the features of their applications. If you present an application with no graphical touch it will look like a bare bone. Though functionality plays at the fore and grabs user’s attention, but still graphics enhances overall presentation. The innovated patterns, creative characters, and designs catch eye instantly.

Complex Navigation

The third most important feature of an application, which is being neglected, is easy navigation facility. Make sure that your application doesn’t include the option which is designed in such a way that one finds it complicated to select.

There are cases in which users have complained about such major issues. Try to build a user-friendly interface. Don’t try to fill your application with undesired options, because such choices prove to be inefficacious.

In-tab Navigation

It’s the world recognized fact that only IOS interface has in-tab navigation controllers. The multiple controllers assist users to roam around the application without completely shutting it down. But it was seen that some application like Facebook (former) in Android also incorporate this option, which was later changed. Android applications are shallow that’s why they should not include this option. The back button shuts down the application instantly. Such operations should not be practiced as it blows the uniqueness of an invention while leaving no difference between their functionalities.

Complex Interface

One thing which many developers neglects is not designing a user-friendly interface. A user does not see an application from your perspective. The application should be designed in such a way that it becomes easy to operate. It should have less number of pages and instructions. It should be less technical to use otherwise it will only increase bounce rate. In the quest to give a premium look to your application, does not prove that it will receive the desired appreciation. Hence try to keep things simple and classy.


Innovative Approach

Creative and innovative flare is an imperative condition in order to build a unique application. Everybody craves for uniqueness. It’s such a boredom to find the same navigation options and features in applications. The developers should think out of the box and invent an application that can stand out among all of the others. Innovation is the need!

Today, mobile app developers are not focusing on inventing anything which can be considered as unique. Every application is one way or another the same despite slight differences. Try to refrain from such practices.

Create a Desktop like Version

Usage of mobile phones especially smartphones is at its peak and it’s only going to escalate in the coming years. So it’s better to design your app in a way that it is operated in one go. Creating a desktop-like version for your mobile application doesn’t mean that you just have to copy the whole layout as it is. It should be built with such efficiency and perfection that there left no need to open up a desktop.

Good Quality Content

Filling your application with appropriate content is like putting salt to add yumminess in a cereal. Likewise, food is uneatable without salt, an application also loses its charm with unwanted and low-quality content. What many app developers are doing is that they shrink their web based content for a mobile interface which makes an application heavy and it takes a lot of time to load, which ultimately adds boredom.

On the account of low bandwidth and speed, the content in applications takes longer to load and if it was a web-based, squeezed content that one can imagine the time it will take.
The mobile application must have a good quality content, less number of sentences and pages. Just trim it down to the most important information.

Summing up, above mentioned points might look like small cogs in large wheels, but this actually not the case. They might sometimes play the center stage, affecting outcomes in both ways; mostly in a negative way.  Blend these tips in your planning and foresee amazing outcomes.

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