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Robots In The Manufacturing Industry

In the modern world it is impossible to have a large-scale company and not need the assistance of manufacturing robots. At Universal Robots we pride ourselves in providing world class robotic assistance that can work hand in hand with human employees. Over 23,000 production industries use robots in their companies on the daily.

Cobot is a term you will see used numerous times, this is to mean Collaborative Robots. This is our major selling point. Cobots are perfect for repetitive tasks as they can streamline and perfect the process. The cobots have 6-axis robotic arms that are user friendly offer flexibility and safety.

Bajaj Auto is one of the companies that use the manufacturing robots. It is the 3rd largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world today. Based in India with 9120 employees, the company was looking to provide the best ergonomically acceptable motorcycles. Bajaj went through a 3-month testing and trial period to ascertain the quality and feasibility of the Universal Robots’ in its firm.

Another company that uses our cobots is Orkla foods. A food and agricultural company located in Sweden with a capacity of 1500 employees. The company uses the machines to package their food products into boxes before sending them of to their different retailers. The site manager Johane Linne said it was a worthy investment as the payback time was 6 months. It also works seamlessly with other employees and is very flexible and easy to implement.

PT JVC Electronics which deals with electronics (such as televisions and radios) and technology also employs the use of cobots. It has 2900 employees, located in Indonesia but with numerous outlets globally. The robots were able to improve safety at the workplace as they can perform intricate tasks which could sometimes put the employees at risk.

Benefits of Manufacturing Robots

The Universal Robots products provide your company with a seamless production process. You will never have to worry about having to teach new employees about it as it is already programmed and takes a very short time to learn. Our manufacturing robots are very flexible and therefore can fit in companies of all sizes from the small, medium and even large-scale companies so you will not have to worry about space when you plan to purchase them.

Many are times employees complain about their safety when dealing with machines or manufacturing robots but we at Universal robots have ensured that they are fit to be in the same environment as humans and reduce production related accidents. Most machines in the industry produce excess heat which can cause health hazards to those around them but our Cobots have been approved by The German Technical Inspection Association.

Set up of our manufacturing robots is relatively short; this is between six to twelve hours even for untrained operators. This helps to reduce the cycle time of a specific process which is known as Takt time. It has 2 simple steps after unpacking it. Step 1: mount it and Step 2: program it. The two simple steps take less than an hour to complete.

You will not have to worry about reducing employment activities as the manufacturing robots allow employees to learn new tasks as opposed to doing the same repetitive chore throughout their career. This reduces the employee redundancy levels as you move them from strenuous and dangerous tasks that can make their work experience dull.

The burden of high manufacturing costs is also lowered. This is made possible because of the mass production the manufacturing robots are capable of. Mass production means less time is used to create things thereby increasing the quantity of products to be sold which leads to an increase in company profit.

From as early as 1938 robots had started being used. This first robot had a single electric motor and looked like a crane. It was majorly used to stack wood blocks. A few years later in 1962 Unimate created another robot, used first by General Motors. Fast forward to 2008, the Cobot was implemented.


We have various advancements of it to guarantee your sales objectives are met and that your employees a have safe working environment.

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