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Using Color Psychology in Marketing [Infographic]

Color psychology is an amazing tool which web designers have been using to make the most of websites for some time now. As the online world becomes more competitive, businesses both small and large must up the ante in terms of their online presence and user engagement. By using color to their advantage, brands have managed to increase traffic, drive conversions and, in turn, see their revenue grow. DesignAdvisor has compiled a list of 40 fascinating facts about color psychology in a nifty infographic. They highlight the effects of color in branding, noting patterns in the ways companies in certain sectors choose their logos and website themes but also stress the importance of color for pushing conversions by guiding users through a site.

Color affects people differently, varying depending on personal experiences, culture, and emotions. Still, there are many general subconscious meanings associated with different colors which can be useful guides for businesses when deciding on color schemes. Understanding who your target demographic is is crucial. For example, if your business relies on to impulse shoppers (e.g., clearance sales or outlets), you may want to consider colors that create a sense of urgency, such as orange, black or red. On the other hand, if you wish to convey tranquillity, or offer a more traditional shopping experience you may want to consider pink, rose or sky blue. As it turns out, sky blue is rather gender neutral, as both men and women respond positively to this color.

Color matters – more than 90% of customers find that visual factors are the most important when considering a purchase, and more than 40% will judge a site’s credibility based on its design. Packed with case studies, research and recommendations, this infographic deals with the issues mentioned above and many more like them, making it a must-read item for those wishing to start harnessing the power of color psychology for their business.

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