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Published on February 6th, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


LDPlayer 4 Review: Faster and More Powerful with Android 7

LDPlayer is one of the most popular Android emulators nowadays. Thousands of people are using it daily to play Android Mobile games on their computers. It is an absolute life-saver for those who are fond of mobile games yet unable to afford an expensive and fancy smartphone. If you have not got it installed on your PC, it is time for you to download and try this free Android emulator on PC.

Dedicated to provide everybody, whether rich or poor a fair chance to enjoy exciting mobile games, LDPlayer relentlessly strives to improve the performance of its product. On January 9, 2020 it released a brand-new version of LDPlayer 4! Compared to LDPlayer 3, LDPlayer 4 simulating Android 7.1 brings up gaming to a whole new level.


6X Faster than the Previous Version

Thanks to the powerful Android Nougat, LDPlayer 4 runs much faster than LDPlayer 3. Its initial time is only half of the previous one. You don’t have to star at the progress bar for almost one minute to get to your favorite games as before. The issue of stuck-up at 94% barely happens with this new version.

Besides, LDPlayer 4 occupies smaller disk place. The disk occupation of your PC has reduced 25% from 4G to 3G. It means that even if you run it on a low-ended PC with limited storage, you can still enjoy its fast speed. LDPlayer really serves for those who like mobiles games instead of a small group of mobile gamer who are rich enough to purchase expensive mobile games for playing games.

What’s more, the time spends on installation of games or apps are shortened to almost one third of the previous one. It used to take a long time to install heavy mobile games. Actually, it is a common issue of emulator which also happens on BlueStacks, Memu and so on. But with updated Android kernel, LDPlayer 4 has made great improvement on it, significantly decreasing the installation time.


Higher Compatibility – Supporting More Mobile Games

The most popular mobile games, such as PUBG mobile, Black desert mobile, Epic Seven and so on require at least Android 5.1. Not a few gamers complaint that their Android phones limit their pleasure of gaming. The updating of phones fails to catch up the development of mobile games. And it is unrealistic for them to buy a new phone just for gaming.

What makes the condition of gamers worse is that mobile games in future will definitely demand higher configuration of devices.

The update of LDPlayer is to relieve gamers of such a dilemma. LDPlayer 4 even provides much higher configuration than the required configuration of most mobile games. It means that LDPlayer 4 does not only support more mobile games but also better equip gamers.


Better Graphics – Easily Reach 60 FPS

Excellent graphics is another advantage of Android Nougat. As an Android emulator, LDPlayer 4 naturally inherits such a good merit. Simply judging from its interface, one can easily see the greatly improved graphics of this new version of LDPlayer. In order to further test its graphics performance, several multiplayer mobile games have been run on it and all of them reach fps 60 and no issues like frame drop happened.


User-friendly Interface

LDPlayer 4 also makes some alteration on its interface to make it more humanized. For example, the option of “model” is listed under the setting, making it easier to be found. Since it is closely-related to the gaming, the alteration is more user-friendly. Besides, another brand-new feature is added to LDPlayer 4, which is wallpaper. You can upload your favorite picture as new wallpaper now.



There is more information about LDPlayer 4 from the official site. With its Android 7.1 kernel, LDPlayer takes the lead of Android emulator industry. It runs faster than ever before. It provides excellent graphics performance and high compatibility. It does not only focus on the current requirements of mobile games but aims at the higher and higher demand of mobiles games in the future. Its ambition is more than this.

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