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7 Free Self-Editing Tools to Improve Essay Writing Skills

Do you often feel your essays lack effectiveness?

Are your writing skills just short of igniting minds of your readers?

Essay writing has a very important role to play in university education because it is a proven method for measuring critical thinking skills of students. The structured, organized, and logically put arguments used in essays demonstrate how students understand their course materials.

As a matter of fact, this critical thinking challenges students to scrutinize their arguments in proper perspectives. This is something that causes great worry for most of the students. It requires a lot of efforts and good writing skills to craft a powerful essay.

However, good news is, there are so many online tools that are capable of making your essay writing work easy for you. These software tools are being widely used for essay writing help because these can self-edit and make corrections whatever you write.

As a student, if you are struggling to create an engaging and informative essay, the following tools will be greatly helpful for you:

1. MindNode

MindNode is very helpful tool that helps you to organize your ideas and thoughts in an effective manner. Inside the tool, after creating a new document, you can use a feature called “Markdown” to structure text. MindNode has a powerful set of features including notes, writing goals, and outline views. It has an important feature called Mind Map, which helps in mapping the topic, ideas and applications before you start writing. You can also use “TextBundle” feature to streamline your notes. This tool is also used for social media management.

2. Hemingway

Hemingway is a great tool for checking and enhancing readability and constructing sentence structure. It is very simple and user-friendly application. It highlights your sentences with different colors. For example, red color shows that your sentence is very complicated and hard to read, yellow color means your sentence needs to be split or shortened. Green color alerts you about excessive use of passive voice, while blue color warns you not to use too many adverbs. Hemingway also checks grammatical mistakes and generates your readability score.

3. Easy essay

The Easy essay is an online automated software tool that is immensely helpful for students in organizing and structuring the essay writing. It is greatly helping post graduate and PhD students in organizing their thesis. It works in almost all languages and can expand from the basic five paragraph essay to a 17 paragraph essay. This tool is helpful for virtually anyone who wants to organize and enhance his or her written or verbal communications. By using this application continuously, you will certainly begin to communicate logically and effectively.

4. Grammarly

When it comes to academic essay writing, Grammarly is one of the most potent grammar and writing revision tools. While writing, it continuously gives you most appropriate suggestions. It has a much enriched instruction set that systematically helps you in effective writing. It helps you in locating a lot of common mistakes that even good writers may also make. For example, it tells you about punctuation within a sentence, wordiness, faulty parallelism, article use, confusing modifiers, subject-verb agreement, and use of adjective and adverbs.

5. EditMinion

If you have been making a lot of common mistakes over and over again while writing essays, EditMinion – the robotic copy editor – will help you in that. It is so effective that it readily spots common mistakes before you proofread and also helps in refining your writing. The fact is, editing is not an easy job, especially after the completion of writing part because it needs to catch errors and needs to be presentable. EditMinion, therefore, does all these things for you.

6. Easy Writing Software

Easy Writing Software is an online tool for creating essays and articles that have immense intellect value. It is an all-in-one tool that has a lot of features used for effective essay writing. For example, ‘Essay Master’ helps in creating flawless essay, ‘Essay Generator’ generates essay paper, ‘Essay Rewriter’ helps you in rewriting essays and articles, ‘Essay Researcher’ simplifies your search, ‘Essay Bibliography’ generates a list of high quality references, and ‘Essay Shuffler’ shuffles the sentences in an article.

7. Read-Able

Read-Able is an effective tool that is used as a readability test tool. The arguments that are put in essays are subjective, but you still need some grading standards to testify your written material in terms of its readability and information. As you know that complex sentence structures are not always the right choice, so this tool makes your content readable as well as relevant for your audience.

If you are looking for more tools, INSTRKTIV has also compiled a list of writing tools as recommended by 83 experts which you could take a look at.

Wrap Up

There are many other free content editing tools available online, which can help you to improve your writing skills. You can start using these above-mentioned free tools to enhance your essay quality score. Share your experience with these tools and let us know how useful they are for you.

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