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How History of Gaming Has Evolved?

The invention of online gaming happened in the early 1950s and as years passed by gaming has developed and bloomed into a separate industry which earns a good profit year-by-year. With the boom of mobile technology, there are several online games – desktop and mobile versions – that are released. This has also led to the new generation of gamers who are very passionate about gaming. But then, where this new generation of gaming started?

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The Early Years in Gaming Industry

Earlier it was all just two major classifications – indoor and outdoor games, but later with technological advancements, the gaming industry has boomed to a new level. The first gaming machine was invented by Dr. Edward Uhler Condon in the year 1940. This game was based on ancient mathematics and was played by more than 50,000 people.

Brown-Box video game

The second game box was named as “Brown-Box” which was made up of vacuum box and it can be connected to the TV set. This box can be controlled by two users with which users were able to play the game. The next and the major advancement was the invention of “Ping-Pong”. The minute the users tried this game they understood that it was the real product they were looking for.

Ralph Baer and Bill Harrison play ping-pong video game

Later, “Atari” – the precedent of Brown-Box was invented. This was the first gaming console that was invented in the early 90s. However, this game was not managed properly, and this led to poorer sales. But then, this led us to the invention of the real digital games that we play today.

Atari 2600, the first ever video game console

The Boom of Digital/Online Games

During the late 1970s people started looking for different games. In the United States, a chain of restaurants started installing video games in their restaurants. This was the hot new craze that prevailed among the people of US. The unique nature of the video games sparked the competitive nature among the users, who then started recording their scores. At this stage, the video game has limited multiplayer gaming and players shared a single screen.

Later with the advancement of the Internet and networking technologies, the use of personal computers started increasing. Addition to gaming consoles, personal computers became famous and popular among the chain of restaurants and commercial centers. Recent developments and technological advancements led to the invention of multi-player games such as Gunfight. This was the first multi-player game that involved human-human shooter and was invented in 1975.

Pong Outlaw video game cabinet

Further, with the advancement of technologies, several other games Atari VCS, Pong Outlaw, and Tank were released. These games had a gaming console that can be connected to the external ROM slot. This is the place where gamer cartridges where plugged in with the help of the cables.

As the technology developed, the gaming industry also bloomed parallely. Arcade games and simple home games boomed, and this led to the further development in the gaming industry. The real and the major revolution in the gaming industry happened with the invention of LAN networks. Later the Internet paved way for several multi-player games.

The invention of multi-player gaming took the gaming world to the next level; this is because it allowed gaming fans to compete in real-time and interact with other people. This major development in the gaming industry set the stage for the today’s interactive games.

Online Gaming

With the invention of 4th generation of gaming consoles in the 1990s, the real advances in gaming started to happen. This advancement in computer technology led to the evolution of “online” gaming. The technology was advancing to a level such that it allowed users to download their favorite games, news, and cheat codes along with it. Certain organizations allowed users to play games online at free-of-cost.

The modern age of gaming began in the year 2000, where the Internet exploded with several capabilities and the computer technology was also improved at such a fast rate. As technology evolved, a new batch of games, gaming consoles, and graphics was released and with every release, the previous generation of games was actually blown out.

The advancement did not stop with this. The next era of advancement began with smartphones where people were allowed to download games from app stores. This advancement would continue forever, and this would further lead to the development of virtual reality games and much more.

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