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Is NetHunt CRM A Good Choice for Your Business

There are several avenues that startups or running businesses can take when looking into CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions for making workflow easier while achieving better-targeted sales. There are several CRM services available but, in particular, will allow you to turn your Gmail into a CRM System. If you are a Gmail user and you have small busines, it’s worth your time to take a look at NetHunt CRM.

What NetHunt CRM Is All About

NetHunt CRM offers a solution for your Gmail and/or Google applications. It will turn your inbox into a CRM system allowing you to manage your business without leaving your inbox. Unlike third-party CRM services where you will have to relearn all over again, that’s not the case with NetHunt CRM. It relies on simplicity and a tight integration with Google Apps ecosystem. Using their easy folders and records system you can easily organize material while still using your Gmail, Calendar, Hangout, etc.

Easy Installation

NetHunt CRM operates in the form of a Chrome extension. It’s only available for Google Chrome, the Chromium browser and other browsers that are able to install Chrome extensions such as Opera.  Once installed, open a new tab, log into your Gmail account, you will be prompted to accept permissions to NetHunt in order to view and manage your contacts and emails.

What You Should Know About NetHunt CRM

You need to know Workspaces and Records while working in NetHunt CRM for Small Business.

Workspaces are in the area of the business you want to manage. This includes sales, marketing, and hiring.

Records are the data in the workspace including sales leads, contracts, records, workers’ records, etc.

Once you have been given permission, NetHunt CRM will prompt you to set up your first workspace. You have numerous pre-set templates to choose from like sales, support, hiring, real estate, or choose a blank workspace to create from scratch.  The upside, you are not restricted to a single workspace. You can add any number of work spaces in your account as long as it works with your workflow. You also have the option to delete a workspace if it’s no longer needed or just isn’t what you need.

Using NetHunt CRM

All your actions are accessed through the workspace link at the sidebar. Each one of your workspaces come with a set of views which keeps your records. When you add a record, it will show in the Views area. You can switch from a list or card-based View. If you click on your Sales link, there will be a drop-down with items such as Deals and Customers. Each record has an upgraded History and Conversation area where you can add notes to your records.

Your email inbox will have the NetHunt icon beside your subject fields. You can click on it to add an email as a record to your workspace.

Mass Mailing

Go to your workspace, select all the records you want to email and then select the mass mail button.

Mobile App

NetHunt CRM comes with a mobile app for iOS and Android so you have access when you are on the move.


You are given the first 14 days for a free trial run that provides the full features. After that time, it’s $25 for a team of 5 users, a team maxing at 10 users will $100 per month. There are other plans that increase to 100 users.

In Conclusion

Instead of integrating your Gmail into a third-party CRM solution NetHunt GRM integrates itself into your Gmail. The only downside, it only works with Gmail. If you are a Gmail Google App user or using third-party software such as Outlook, this will not work for you.  NetHunt CRM clearly knows their targeted audience and will provide a specialized, dedicated service to their users.

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