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The Untold History Of The Wheel And Its Evolution [Infographic]

Very little of what we see around us today have existed thousands of years ago. Even if they do we either treat them as antiques and preserve them in the museums or subject them to research to learn more about the bygone era. However, the wheels which forms a major part of most vehicles today have an interesting history behind it.

Isn’t it thrilling to imagine that something as ordinary and commonplace as wheels have actually been part of a world that only exists in bits and pieces today.  Because, 3500 B.C., the time when the first wheel was invented, was not just yesterday.

The Brief History of Wheels

According to findings, Mesopotamians invented the first form of wheel in 3,500 B.C. It was mainly potter’s wheel. However, ancient human beings realized the utility of round objects in moving around things long before that, which is why they placed objects like logs under things that needed to be transported. But they could not transform the idea into something more functional.

The Evolution of Wheels

About 300 years later the first wooden wheel emerged but their uses were restricted to domestic purposes alone. There wasn’t much progress in wheels until 1000 BC when wheel with iron rims around them were invented. There was a long gap in the development of wheels after that.

However, things started rolling from the dawn of the 19th century. From round wire tension spokes to the first automobile wheel, the 19th century saw major developments in wheels. In 1926-27 steel welded spoke wheels came into existence.

Modern Automobile Wheels

Modern automobile wheels are of two major types, Alloy Wheels and Steel Wheels. There have been more improvements and upgrades on these two types to produce high performance custom wheels like HH-12, Big Bang Sport BSP31, and 2Crave.

For more information on the history of wheels please refer to the following Infographic titled ‘The Untold History Of The Wheel And Its Evolution.’


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