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Writing College Papers: Hacks to Conduct Better Internet Research

Learning process in college and campus has been made easier through technology. Researching with secondary information is simpler than before. The learners do not need primary resources from the library to proceed with the research work. Traditionally, the students had to access libraries and look up for books to retrieve the information.

The Google Book Search has made the professional work extremely easy in the modern world of technology. The use of Google is not restricted to college students. The search engine is an essential tool for learning. Though everyone knows how to Google and retrieve information, they, however,  do not use Google effectively to retrieve the necessary information within the shortest time.

Time is an important factor of production. In college, the research assignments have due dates of submission. Students are supposed to conduct the research assignments and submit the work before the deadline. The tricks to effectively conduct better Internet research are inevitable. In regards to these reasons, this article will, therefore, examine tips for using Google search and other systems more effectively to aid learning process in colleges and campuses.

How to Conduct Better Internet Research

The first step in conducting research work the determination of research topic. Finding suitable research question determine the outcome and the result of the research. In some classes, learners may be required to come up with a research questions and proceed to data collection. In such cases, the research questions could originate from previous experience, curiosity or interest over a particular discipline perceived to be a problem.

The second trick of hacking to conduct better internet research is finding more reference materials. The learners can search only education sites by typing in site:edu since there are many other irrelevant sites with non-scholarly information. Meanwhile, the history and politics students should restrict their hacks to relevant Google operators like site:gov. Moreover, the students can use related operator options to search similar sites for more information.

Limit search results is another important trick of hacking to conduct better internet research. For instance, when the instructor does not want certain sources, then it is prudent to use minus sign (-) operator to disregard the results from certain sites. The minus sign operator can also be useful to refine the results when a word has more synonyms. EssayZoo further promotes the use of two periods (..) in case there is a range of dates, measurements for search. Ideally, students should not wander, visiting different web pages for easy answers. Precisely, the learners can use define an operator to get an instant definition of the words in question.

Hardly do students believe that Google search can do the math. This can be done through simple clicks. Learning the tricks is easy. The instant calculation can be done even without hitting enter options. Typing in the variables into the browser “do instant calculations” could provide an instant solution to the problem.  Google is made-up of an awesome calculator and conversion tools on its search page.  Also, Google provides a quicker way to perform calculation and conversions right from the browser’s search operator without having to hit enter to obtain the results.  There Google’s predictive search technology is another important tool which suggests search results while typing. This aid to conserve time.

When looking for information, students should start typing the question of concern, while Google’s autocomplete will likely provide the answer. The use of Google’s Knowledge Graph is inevitable in conducting better internet research as it shows relevant answers beneath the search.

The use of Google Drive to organize and Cite Research is the latest trick for the college students to support their effort in conducting quality internet research. Google Drive is in the use since it comes with research tools which find information as students develop their papers. The Drive conveniently grabs the citation and insert it into the document. Retrieving academic information has also been made easy and simpler through the use of Google Scholar.

Conventionally, the students had to go the library to get physical books before proceeding with the research work. This is tedious and time-consuming. Now, the students can conduct a Google Book search, copy quotes and access to all the relevant information needed to complete the research work. Precisely, or Google’s advanced books search is inevitable options for book language, publication dates, and the author. Moreover, the public domain books can be accessed from downloads files as PDF. The books with publisher permission may require a little subscription fee to view them.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, conducting better internet research has been made easier for the college students through the use of Google. There is no need to travel a long distance to access to libraries to conduct the research. The research and other academic essays can be performed at home or in the office location with an internet connection. This process requires in-depth knowledge of using Google Search Engine. It is essential to learn and understand the basic tricks of hacking to conduct better internet research. Surprising, even the calculation results can be obtained from Google. The most significant challenge for college students remains in the effective use of Google to get the results. The fundamental secret is not just googling, but to use Google effectively and enhance learning in this way.

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