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Published on October 28th, 2022 | by Sunit Nandi


How to Boost Your Social Media Live Video Views

Social media has become a tool for change in social life and business. The platforms have acknowledged this and brought live videos that can convey a message without the viewer being distracted. These live video views have since become mainstream and are the main communication medium on some platforms. However, getting noticed on such platforms calls for engagement through views and likes, which are challenging to attain. Fortunately, there are ingenious ways to go about it as they are as follows:

Buying the Views

Most social media platforms use algorithms to determine relevant videos that rank high in the feeds. The algorithms consider engagement with your video content, hence the importance. Unfortunately, getting enough live views is an uphill task unless you are popular. For that reason, you should consider buying engagements like Tiktok Live Views, which will make your video go viral and rank you high on the feeds. Your target audience can easily find the live stream if it ranks higher than others in the same niche.

Following Latest Trends

You can also boost the live stream views by following the latest trends when making your videos. For instance, you can put a trending song as your background music or lip-sync to a popular song. Following the trend and posting relevant content to your audience will boost your live stream views with subsequent engagement. However, ensure that you refrain from using a track that spreads intolerance, bias, or disdain for a particular group because the viewers will skip your content or not share it.

Changing Your Type of Content

The type of content you post can be your undoing. For example, streaming videos with fake blood or NSFW can make some viewers shun viewing or sharing your content. In addition, streaming content that is irrelevant to your target audience will only get you meaningful engagement. The best approach is reviewing established creators’ content and borrowing ideas about the type of content they create. You can then tweak their ideas to come up with videos that are relatable to your audience.

Posting Your Content at the Right Time

Streaming your videos at the right moment would be best if you want to boost your engagement. This is essential because live streams, especially in a different time zone, will render your efforts futile. The latest streams will bury your content. Therefore, check the time zone of your target audience and schedule your live stream when the viewers are active.

Promoting Your Videos on Other Platforms

You should use the power of other social media platforms to drive viewers to your live stream. Thanks to technology, you can link to several platforms and share links promoting your scheduled live stream. If you do it well, your video will get more views and like because these are your followers who are already interested in your content.

The use of social media has grown ever since its inception. However, getting noticed through a medium like live video streams can be challenging with the unmatched competition. Therefore, it would be best to use ingenious ways, like buying Tiktok Live Views, to boost your engagement. Note that you should also incorporate the other ways you have learned in this article to succeed in boosting your engagement.

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