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3 Technologies Found in Casinos You Don’t Know About

A long time ago, gamblers had the habit of travelling to the nearest casino to try and solve all their problems by entering those golden doors, which promised fame and fortune, to make millions. As time went by, technology evolved, and so evolved casinos – nowadays we even have mobile casinos online.

One of the great advantages of these online casinos is that they are available 24 hours a day, meaning people can play all day and all night. They also offer new games almost daily so if you like news this is an excellent option for clients, so boredom will never be a concern for players as they will always have new games to enjoy.

In addition, some of them even offer free casino bonus no deposit needed, which represents an incredibly amazing gift for the players. There are also other types of bonuses, which are extremely varied, you can both win just by signing up at the casino, you can win when you make your first deposit, your first referral from friends and more. Bonuses will depend on which casino you choose to place your bets on.

These online casinos often have advantageous tournaments, which reward the most frequent players and allow them to win large sums. Thus, they end up having more opportunities to win than conventional casinos.

Despite this evolution, physical casinos are obviously still much sought, which is why they had to keep up with the demand and implement some of the technological novelties, especially in order to eradicate frauds and fraudsters as much as possible. Here are three great examples of technology’s role inside physical casinos.

Facial recognition

There are many people convicted for casino-related fraud, getting banned from these places afterwards and added to a blacklist. However, if they still decide to defy their luck and try to get inside a casino, they have a powerful barrier to surpass.

Nowadays, most casinos employ a biometric facial recognition system which, in addition to identifying and photographing human faces, also crosses this data with the one lying in that blacklist. If a match happens, the casino’s security is immediately warned.

Chips inside chips

An old technique to win some cash inside casinos was to forge playing chips, but now that does not pay anymore. Casinos are now equipped with RFID chips inside their playing chips, and tables feature a system that automatically detects counterfeits, which obviously do not have those RFID chips.

A recent criminal story revealed just how this applies in real life: back in 2011, Anthony Carleo allegedly stole $1.5M in chips from the Bellagio. Instead of panicking over the crime, the staff at Bellagio simply solved the issue by disabling the RFID chips from the stolen chips, making them absolutely worthless. Nevertheless, Carleo ended up being caught.

Fighting inside jobs

Even with all the technology presented earlier, casinos cannot fully stop the misconduct of their own employees. In order to prevent shady deals between dealers and players, which obviously cause the house losses, each playing table has cameras that monitor the entire action and, in conjunction with a software (TableEye21), report in detail the statistics of losses, gains and other events, spotting any suspicious actions.


These three examples show just how advanced today’s casinos can be in terms of security and technology, but there are much more that could be featured here. Given that they deal with huge sums, security is key for casinos, which is why this investment only tends to grow.


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