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5 Reasons Why Asset Tracking Is Important From A Customer’s Point Of View

Location tracking is largely used for tracking the physical assets of the corporation or an individual when lost, stolen, or found missing.

It uses barcode labels appended to assets or by using tags through GPS, BLE, or RFID, which transmitted their location when required to be tracked.

The idea is finding a place in every sector nowadays, including the business sector and the healthcare sector.

Healthcare institutions are faced with surging costs and complex technological landscapes, which make justifying expenditures for infrastructure, equipment, and technology resources more challenging.

RTLS has the potential to modify hospital processes, such as bed capacity management, patient/provider workflow, patient elopement, security, and other location-dependent applications.

In Businesses, Asset tracking is indispensable not only from a manufacturer’s or a wholesalers’ point of view but also from a customer’s point of view.

It serves the customers in ways more than one and heroically enriches the overall experience of the users. It makes merchandising seamless and promises customer content.

Location tracking keeps well care of the interests of the customers and improves their experience with their devices.

The following are five reasons why asset tracking is great for the customers and how it guards their interests.

Asset Tracking Keeps A Customer’s Product Secure

RFID systems are intended to help manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers contend supply chain theft and that too at a reasonable expense.

RFID tags are employed on pallets or cases of merchandise during storage or transit, and with its assistance, theft of entire pallets or cases of merchandise may be easily detected.

By using item-level RFID tags, theft of individual packages of merchandise can also be detected. Passive RFID tags can certainly only be used for checking inventory at various spots in the supply chain.

Currently, active RFID tags may include various integrated sensors that can be used to observe the vibration or environmental conditions of merchandise.

Utilizing this information, monitoring systems can effortlessly determine if merchandise has been subjected to vibration, shock, or some other environmental condition that can harm the merchandise.

Furthermore, if merchandise is subjected to any damage, due to any strange cause, there is an alert system that triggers by the sensors attached to the merchandise.

Needless to say, this improves the overall safety of the merchandise throughout the supply chain and provides customers with an assurance of their assets.

Additionally, users can nowadays track their devices and vehicles wherever they are in real-time. There are several popular dash cams out there to get this job done for you.

You can efficiently protect your car, your truck, or any other vehicle using these devices.

Assists Users Locate Lost Or Stolen Commodities

The tracking and location of assets such as rail cars, shipping or cargo containers, trucks, truck trailers, and automobiles are highly advantageous in commerce.

Precise tracking of such vehicles and objects facilitates their being efficiently allocated and positioned and can provide for immediate, accurate localization of lost, delayed, or misappropriated assets.

A missing commodity may have actually been lifted, and there comes the use of commodity tracking and management.

Goods can be tracked globally using devices that combine the GPS and mobile phone or satellite technology.

These GPS trackers can locate personal devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, and personal computers or can be used for bigger things such as school bus tracking or finding missing airplanes. They can also help rescue people in danger by tracking their location.

One good example is the My iPhone app from Apple, which was once used in rescuing a missing person in the deep ravine from a car accident after multiple failed attempts.

Mitigates The Time Distributed For Customer Service

Pallets, containers, and other similar structures are used worldwide to aid in the transportation of products of various kinds and are preferred because they can be easily be moved with the aid of a forklift truck.

The pallet can be loaded with products at the end of a production process, moved to a storage or transport location, shipped, moved to another storage or transport location.

Because the pallets can be lifted, moved, and stored easily, they make the transport of products simple and fast. This surely ensures seamless customer service and splendid efficiency.

Users of products of any brand can feel the improvement in the pace of repairs, in case of damage, when the tracking system is employed efficiently in that corporation’s transit system.

Lets Customers Track Real-Time Development

Using GPS, Bar code, and other tracking technology, customers can now track their shipment online using a unique tracking ID. Nowadays, this amenity is provided by almost all big e-commerce websites.

Shoppers can locate where their assets or merchandise is and how the shipment is proceeding. It assists to ascertain merchandise movement and source, and have an estimate of the expected delivery date.

The principal aim of this parcel tracking system is to provide customers with details of the route of the package, delivery status, estimated delivery date, and the estimated time of delivery.

This tracking system helps users not only during the first purchase but also during repairing or servicing of their products.

One of the main benefits of location tracking here is that it reduces the chances of parcel getting lost or misplaced.

Besides, knowing that their parcel is secure and being equipped to track its movement keeps stress off the customers.

Reduces The End Price Of Products And Services

Plenty of money that gets wasted may be curtailed if fleet tracking is put to proper use. This includes merchandise getting lost or stolen or, for some unknown reason is missing.

All these losses are accrued to the loss of the revenue of the company, and that ultimately adds up to the end price per product.

Consequently, it should not be arduous to conjecture that companies’ loss has a direct bearing on the consumers. Furthermore, it also sullies the customer’s experience.

Closing Words

The overall tracking system market has witnessed substantial improvements in recent years due to inexpensive connectivity and machine-to-machine communications equipment and services.

Expanded penetration and practice of advanced IoT solutions leveraging M2M and other supporting technologies enable anytime, anywhere, and any type of goods tracking.

Unforgettingly, due to its economic expense and consumer friendliness, the applicability of location tracking is growing day by day in each sector.

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